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Skarloey availability

Started by kbreck, October 11, 2017, 09:12:50 AM

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Hi everyone,  I'm looking to start a narrow gauge layout and I was hoping someone here on the forums might know of an online shop that has Skarloey in stock.  Preferably one that takes Paypal.  I haven't had any luck on Ebay or google searches. 



Sadly I think you waited a little too long to get your hands on Skarloey.  He seems to be sold out everywhere regardless where you look.  I know for a fact he's been sold out for months on the Bachmann web store and if Bachmann doesn't have him in stock, I would honestly say retailers don't either.  To be honest, last time I even saw Skarloey on eBay was over a year ago and there was a lot of price gouging going on with the model as well.

Ever since Skarloey was announced, Bachmann has had a "BIG" (I can't stress that enough) supply and demand issue with him.  This is because Skarloey (or any of Bachmann's HOn30 models) are the first ready to run HOn30 models.  Bachmann's HOn30 range also appeals to the Talyllyn modelers, who for years have gone out and bought 009 kits and built chassis for them.  However, now that Bachmann is making the Skarloey engines, the Talyllyn modelers are going out and converting these models rather than starting from scratch.  I've also seen a few guys in the HO board using Skarloey's chassis for their narrow gauge logging locomotives.  What I'm trying to say is that Bachmann's HOn30 range appeals to more than just the Thomas fans.

Just like you, I've been looking on eBay and other online retailers trying to find Skarloey, but with no luck.  I've probably waited too long to get Skarloey myself.  About the only advice I can give you is to wait patiently and when you see a Skarloey show up, buy him!  I would however "NOT" pay more than Bachmann's RRP (which is $149) for the model, as people charging more than that are just taking advantage of you.  If we're lucky, hopefully Bachmann has another stock of Skarloeys coming in for the Christmas rush.

I will also recommend that if you plan on getting Rheneas and/or Rusty when they're finally released, DO IT!  Better yet, you may want to look into preordering them so you have a better chance of getting them.  I myself plan on just buying the models when they become available, but I don't recommend it.  A wise man once said, "Do as you're told, not as you see."

"If you can't beat them, hire someone to do it..."


Hopefully, Rheneas gets released in time for Christmas.
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thanks Rusty, that's what I was afraid of.  I have read a lot of UK threads of how popular he is in the UK.  I know of one hobby shop in North Carolina that had him late last month, I'll check with them.


If Skarloey's discontinued, I'm done.


Skarloey already sold out once. Discontinuing him would seem foolish.


I imagine there will be a restocking for the Black Friday and/or Christmas rushes. Same thing with the HO scale Thomas, Percy and James.


Skarloey is now back in stock.  :) :) :)


Thank you so much for letting us know! I am so happy that other Thomas modelers will now not have to pay a ridiculous price on eBay for Skarloey!
Dreaming of a Bachmann Stepney.


He's also available at TrainWorld last time I checked.