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Author Topic: Differnet shades of green between Pennsy and NP&S 4-6-0s?  (Read 1772 times)
keeping track

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« on: December 28, 2017, 02:31:45 PM »

Hi --

This past year, I acquired the Holiday Special set 90054 (with Annie engine No. 12 and tender, cars and trolley) to set up for the annual Visit Santa event my organization runs.  The set replaced the rather cheesy decoration train set we'd used in past years.  (Though I confess I did use the caboose and box car rom the decoration set becasue I thought the kids would like to see a variety of cars.)

Needless to say, all the kids and not a few adults loved it!

Our area was once a major rail head, so in future years I'd like to use road names of the various railroads that once terminated here.

One of those lines was the Pennsylvania. (I'm in Jersey City, NJ, so before the station in New York and accompanying tunnel under the Hudson River was built, our waterfront was THE eastern terminus for the PRR, and even in later years, the road's steam engines were a frequent sight in the old terminal at Exchange Place.)

A green tender with the name "Pennsylvania" for a Bachmann Big Hauler is available.  I know it's not an Annie tender, but I can transfer most of the details and live without the back-uplight (or wire for it) .

But my question is whether the shade of green is the same on the Pennsy as on the No. 12 NP&S Annie that I have.

Sorry if that seems a silly question - I know I could repaint, but to be honest I'm looking for an easier way, if possible, to put the Pennsy name on my engine.

If someone can let me know about the color, I will be much obliged.

-- PS:  I also plan to add one of the Blue Comet cars, since Jersey City was also the terminus for the Central Railroad of NJ - the terminal of which still stands as part of what is now Liberty State Park, built on the CNJ's old yard.

the Bach-man

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« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2017, 10:14:57 PM »

Dear KT,
When I painted the prototypes I used Krylon Hunter Green.
I always try to use easily duplicated colors unless we need prototype colors.
(Actually, Santa does use Krylon on the real North Pole & Southern...!)
Have fun!
the Bach-man
Loco Bill Canelos

Model railroading since 1947

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« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2017, 11:55:06 AM »

Hi KT,

Here is a list of PRR items made by Bachmann in large scale:

81092   PRR   9660   2002   ~ Loco   4-6-0, 10th aniv, Pennsylvania Ver 5   P         W   $300.00
89591   PRR   15   2003   P-Coach   PRR, Tuscan   p         Track Power Lights   $77.00
89592   PRR   14   2003   P Combine   PRR, Tuscan   P         Track Power Lights   $77.00
89593   PRR   4   2003   P Baggage   PRR, Tuscan Red   P         Not Lighted   $77.00
89594   PRR   none   2003   P-Obs   Pennsylvania Railroad            Track Power Lights   $88.00
90024   PRR   Set   1995   ^ Set   PRR Liberty Bell Limited   P             $300.00
90082   PRR   Set   2004   ^ Set   Pennsylvanian   P            $355.00
90097   PRR   Set   1992   ^ Set   Pennsylvania   P            $200.00
91114   PRR   3   1989   ~ Loco   2-4-2, with tender, PRR   P         coal load   $120.00
93114   PRR   1000   1994   Caboose4   4 whl, PRR   P         Ltd Edition 1200   $40.00
93314   PRR   556   1989   Box Car   Pennsylvania   P             $35.00
93368   PRR   6699   1996   Box Car   PRR Union Line   P             $50.00
93814   PRR   1001   1996   Caboose   8 whl, PRR   P             $70.00
95368   PRR   6699   1998   Box Car   20 ft, Pensylvania Union Line   P   1          $49.00
96251   PRR      2017   Speeder   PRR Maintenance of way            Yellow   $139.00
97197   PRR   14   1995   P Combine   PRR, Tuscan            Battery Lights   $68.00
97290   PRR   "Gladious"   1995   P-Coach   PRR, Liberty Bell Limited Green   Pullman   P         Battery Lights   $68.00
97490   PRR   None   1995   P Baggage   PRR, Liberty Bell Limited Green The PRR Ltd   P         Not Lighted   $68.00
97497   PRR   4   1995   P Baggage   PRR, Tuscan Red   P         Not Lighted   $68.00
98114   PRR   642   1991   Stock Car   PRR   P             $35.00
98214   PRR   675345   1991   Hopper   3 bay, PRR Reissue has vulcan trucks   P             $40.00
98314   PRR   475407   1996   Flat Car   Piggy Back, PRR   P             $85.00
98514   PRR   417   1996   Ore Car   Ore Car, PRR   P             $50.00

There are also some B&O items.

Loco Bill

Loco Bill,  Roundhouse Foreman
Colorado & Kansas Railway-Missouri Western Railway
Official Historian; Bachmann Large Scale
Colorado RR Museum-Brakeman-Engineer-Motorman-Trainman
There are no dumb or stupid questions, just questions!
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