60 ft madison 2 car add ond

Started by rickbigs, June 14, 2018, 12:40:22 PM

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Has Williams produced 2 car add on  sets for southern or Pullman sets?  I have a 4 car set of each i would like to expand. Have not found any reference to any 2 car 60 ft add-ons anywhere. If not produced in tbe past , might be good business opportunity got you in the future.


They have produced the cars you ask about but it's been a few years.  In another post, I asked about production of passenger cars.  The reply from WBB was that they're not producing them "at this time".  I would look online at Mario's Trains and Trainworld else a generic search.  That's really your only hope right now.


JP of Acton MA, USA writes:
E-Bay and Train Shows are also good sources to find what you are looking for. -JP
Sincerely: JP