Williams Southern Semi-Scale 4-6-2 Pacific - True Blast Plus Has Arrived

Started by wmwalker, November 24, 2017, 06:50:16 PM

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Yes I just ordered my new steam engine on the way from Mario's Trains. I will give everyone and update when it arrives.  :) Williams Southern Semi-Scale 4-6-2 Pacific - True Blast Plus

I got my new steam engine and unpacked it and lubed her up and saw that the the back trucks side plate not there. I found it in the carton and the screw was inside the tender on the speaker magnet. Now how in the world could that screw get there. I think Bachmann might want to check there quality control some where along the line. This was completely seal from the factory so no one had been it this carton. I removed the truck screw from under the speaker and repaired the truck and put it all back together and all is good. I really like this engine and has great sound. I am still a WBB die hard. The just are great engines and run great.


Sent my SRR 4-6-2 in for warranty work when starting to run erratically. They repaired the loco and returned it in 2 weeks - good service.