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Started by Spencer, November 05, 2018, 04:53:39 PM

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Hi all
I use ezitrack with dcc turnouts and dynamis controller.
How hard is it to install track signals?
Do Bachmann have any ready to install products available?
Kind Regards


working signals require a working knowledge of electronics. The simplest ones to wire up are those that merely indicate switch position. Much more difficult are those that indicate track occupancy.

Bachmann doesn't make working signals, but they do make non operating ones. Working signals are sold by Atlas, NJ International, and Tomar. Oregon Rail makes signal kits in various styles.

Detector circuits for signals have been made by Atlas, Digitrax and Circuitron.
Jeffery S Ward Sr
Pittsburgh, PA


I'm looking forward to installing a working pair of grade crossing flashers and detectors to operate them.  The branch line I'm interested in was always dark territory so I'm not interested in block signals or semaphores.  I am, however, interested in working and lighted double bladed train order signals. 


Out of curiosity, I was just looking on and came across this: An occupancy detector. How would you wire this up, and is it compatible with bachmann accessory terminals?


From what I can see looking at the wiring diagrams, the BD4 is set up for use with dcc only. Somebody can correct me if i'm wrong. Other than that, it appears to be four occupancy detectors on a single board.

An occupancy detector must be wired in series with the control wire to the track section it will be used with. As such, no it is not plug n play compatible with Bachmann's wiring system. But it CAN be used if you're willing to cut your cables and splice it in. Note that in order to be used, your track must also be divided into sections (blocks) with one detector hooked to each block. This will also require putting insulating gaps in your track.
Jeffery S Ward Sr
Pittsburgh, PA


For various methods of train location detection, you may refer to my guides posted on the OGR forum in the electrical section.