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36 Ton two truck shay manual

Started by JoeFloyd, November 24, 2018, 05:41:57 PM

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I recently purchased a Bachmann 36 Ton two truck shay #81197 (six screws in bottom truck cover).  The locomotive runs fine and is fairly complete,  but it did not come with the users manual or the exploded parts diagram.  Does anyone have a PDF version of these documents which can be shared with the forum?  I'm specifically interested in the truck contacts with the intent that the locomotive will be converted to DCC which would require rewiring the trucks and providing an additional set of contacts between the trucks and the locomotive.    I am aware of the suggestions seen at

but the approach taken by George Schreyer will need to be modified depending upon the limited availability of parts.  Specifically, Bachmann does not seem to have the Large Scale Shay

* bolster pcb ( )
* power pickup PCB ( )
* brass contacts
* etc.

in stock any longer.  

The locomotive did arrive with a VHS tape containing the lubrication and maintenance procedures for the locomotive.  I've converted this VHS tape to digital video and posted the video to YouTube.  

I have not seen this video posted under the BachmannTrains youtube channel, but can send the video to Bachmann at their request and have them upload the video to their channel.