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Bachmann #91197 2-4-2 Locomotive - Sound?

Started by bighead, November 26, 2018, 01:17:42 AM

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I just ordered the G scale 2-4-2 (#91197) Locomotive from Trainworld on Black Friday:

It hasn't arrived yet, but I am worried it may not have synchronized sound. On the description, it says "sound ready" with a built-in speaker. My question is if it only has a speaker but no sound, how do I add sound to it? I am not familiar with DCC or installing sound modules. I prefer not to convert my layout to DCC because DCC looks too complex for me to use and understand.

My 8 foot long switching layout is only powered by a Railpower 1300 power pack:

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you.

Loco Bill Canelos

Hi BH,

Nice layout for Large scale!  You got a great price on that loco you bought!

It does not have the synchronized sound, you will have to add a sound module.  The good news is that you do not have to use DCC to get sound.  There are many options with respect to adding sound, I could not possibly  cover it here.

Best bet is to go to  and join it and explain your situation and ask for recommendations.  The price point for sound modules can range from $70 up to over $200 depending on how fancy you want to get.   

Maybe some other forum member here has added sound without DCC or RC, and will respond to your situation.   I do Radio Control RC, so I am not up on adding sound like you want to do.   If you are good at following instructions installing sound should not be all that difficult.

I wish I could be of more help.

Loco Bill
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The 2-4-2 has an 8-pin DCC connector which controls motor and lights.  Sound is accessed using two solder pads on the main PCB.  The pre-wired speaker is already wired to the main PCB and the DCC decoder will need to be wired to the PCB.  You need to solder the sound output from the decoder directly to the PCB or make up your own cable with connectors.

I used a small 1.5 amp DCC decoder (generally used with HO scale models) with sound in this locomotive and it works fine, but I don't intend to use this locomotive to pull any cars.  If you would like to pull more than a couple small cars, the 1.5 amp decoder would be undersized and likely let out the magic smoke.

R. J. Raleigh

I have 4 of these locomotives and I am running the Soundtraxx ECO-200 (now discontinued) in 3 of them.
I have them installed exactly as outlined by JoeFloyd.
My 4th locomotive has the Soundtraxx TSU-2200 (current model) installed.
The stall current on these decoders is 2.0A and I have never had them fail.
It takes about 9 larger 4 axle cars being pulled through a 4 foot diameter curve to make the loco's drivers slip.

The second generation 2-4-2 "Lyn" has without a doubt the best gearbox of any G-scale steam locomotive of its size and class- I own over 100 locomotives.

You're going to love your new loco however you choose to upgrade it.