Newbie question about Bachmann large scale product line

Started by Its Bill, December 12, 2018, 11:56:20 AM

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Its Bill

Hello, I am starting to put together a garden railroad modeled after the D&RG narrow gauge prototype. I am confused about which of Bachmann's product lines go together.  I have bought several 1:20.3 Spectrum locomotives and cars, but am perplexed when a catalog listing or classified ad says "Large" or "Big Haulers".  Are these products built to 1:20.3, or to another scale?  I realize they all work on gauge 1 track,  but are they distinct product categories from one another?  I don't want the various pieces of rolling stock and motive power to look out of proportion with each other.

Thanks, Bill

Loco Bill Canelos

Hi Bill,

Welcome to Large Scale and all the confusion surrounding it!!!    The Bachmann product line in Large Scale follows in general two scales 1:20.3 and the Big Hauler or Standard line which is close to 1:22.5 similar to the LGB size. 

If you are a stickler for size and already have a substantial investment in the 1:20.3 size, then you should stick to that size.

There are other Large Sizes as well such as 1:29THE AND 1:32th scale sold by other manufacturers.

Many modelers do mix the 1:20.3 and the 1:22.5 if it seems to fit their view of what is right.  If you are sticking to the DRG narrow gauge, howerver, then I would suggest you stick with the 1:20.3 size!

Have fun getting your railroad up and running, and also check to see if there is a garden railroad club in your area. most will go out of their way to help a new person.

Also we have a great bunch of members here on the forum who will gladly respond to you questions.   Remember there are no dumb questions, just questions!

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