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Custom Decals

Started by DoyleS, December 12, 2019, 03:00:33 PM

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I want to convert one of my 4 6 0 Big Haulers to a Polar Express for my Grandkids.
I am unsure what kind of decals to get as I see there are vinyl ones and others.
I would appreciate any comments on how any of you have renamed and customized your engines or rolling stock.


Loco Bill Canelos

Their are other decal makers, but I have had many made by Stan and they are great. Stans are regular high quality water slide decals. I have used the vinyl type and they work ok as well.

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Here is a link to my Big Hauler Polar Express.  $5 worth of 1/2" vinyl letters did the trick.

Greg Elmassian

Doyle, your link expired, can you post a picture?
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Here is a new link.  Unfortunately the free dropbox account only lets you set a 7 day life on the link.

Greg Elmassian

Good enough and the price is right!

Visit my site: lots of tips and techniques: