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Author Topic: Smoke unit  (Read 13193 times)

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« on: December 02, 2017, 11:45:00 AM »

 I need a new smoke unit for my Berkshire  I have noticed that they are discontinued is there another smoke unit I can use?

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« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2017, 12:35:36 PM »

JP, of Acton MA, USA writes:

One option would be, to send your loco to WBB's service center, and they could repair / replace the smoke unit.
Another option would be to look on E-Bay, for anyone selling a loco, for usable parts, or simply selling individual parts, removed from a loco.

Hope this helps.
Sincerely: JP 


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« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 12:39:33 PM »

Hi Jimjim09,
           671 here. I have several posts on this for repair/replacement smoke units from a few years ago. Access them if you need more detail.
           Ok here goes my replacement procedure.

1.        Purchase from Trainland or elsewhere a LGB 5-6 volt smoke unit (Trainland #65853 5 volt @ $31.99 ) You will use this instead of the Williams unit.
2.        Two diodes needed to reduce voltage. Williams voltage regulator to smoker is 7.9 volts. Two diodes in series to the new smoke unit will reduce voltage to 6-6.5 volts.
3.        A small slide switch. This will be wired in series on a lead between the smoke unit and the voltage regulator. This will allow you to turn off the smoke unit when not in use.
4.        Solder and shrink tubing, hot glue etc. supplies

Follow these steps closely:
1.        Remove boiler shell from loco chassis. Unplug damaged smoker from voltage regulator board. Remove smoker unit from boiler stack.
2.        The new LGB smoker will NOT fit into the existing stack hole. The LGB unit is larger in diameter and capacity ( You will enjoy this larger size as to extended smoke run time. 15-20 minutes )
3.        Remove smoke stack adapter. It is what the original smoke unit was mounted in. Pull it out of the top of the boiler. It will not be needed for the new installation.
4.        Mount your new LGB smoke unit into this larger hole in the boiler top. You will notice that the hole is a little large for the new smoke unit. The smoke unit sits too low in relation to the boiler top. No problem! Take a small piece of shrink tube. You will use this as a shim. Raise the smoke unit from the boiler stack hole slightly, place the shrink tubing between the smoke unit and the boiler stack hole. Push the new smoke unit downward. Get it to a location that allows the exposed smoke stack to look correct. Cut off exposed shrink tube.
5.        Now for the wiring. The voltage regulator produces a dc current. You need to wire the diodes in the correct direction to allow current flow. Test before final assembly. Solder the two diodes together in series, test the direction of current flow. Diodes correct direction will allow flow, incorrect will not allow flow.
6.        Mount ( solder) two wires to the slide switch. Wires need to be long enough to go from the boiler cab to the smoker unit.
7.        Epoxy glue ( 5 minute type ) the slide switch into the boiler cab at a location your finger can activate it, yet not easily seen. Run the switch wires along inside of boiler shell. Hot glue in place.
8.        Complete wiring...Remember to solder and shrink tube all connections
           Cut plug and wire leads from defective smoke unit. Wire one lead from cab smoke switch to one lead from the plug. Attach the other smoke switch lead to one lead on the new smoke unit.
           Now comes the most important part of this build. You must make sure that the pair of diodes are properly polarized ( correct dc current flow ) The diodes are needed to reduce voltage to the smoke unit. This reduction will allow long smoke unit life. My original installation on my 027 Hudson ( Same Boiler Shell used by Bachman for Hudson or Berkshire loco ) is still smoking like the loco is on fire for 6 plus years now. If you mount them in the wrong current flow direction, no power will go to the new smoke unit. Diodes are a one way electrical gate. Keep this in mind.
9.        Assemble loco, Use LGB smoke fluid or similar. Williams smoke fluid works but it "Spits" alot.

          I have posts for this and a way to make your steamer run smoother and better using 6 amp bridge rectifier and two diodes. Great slow speed and tons of smoke

                                     Hope this helps...Smoke'm if you got'em
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« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2019, 03:00:44 PM »

Hello again Jimjim09,             

                671 here...Did you ever replace your smoke unit? Did you use my method? If yes, how did it work out for you?
I hope all is well.

                                  Enjoy the Holidays...671


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