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Dateline Denver snow plow video

Started by Loco Bill Canelos, December 21, 2007, 08:18:55 PM

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Loco Bill Canelos

Mike, here is the promised video.  Visiting my son in Denver we decided to plow snow on hi layout which is now under construction after a move to a new home.   We were going to use a Bachmann Connie and the Aristo wedge plow, but he didn't want to risk the Connie.  He has used the connie inthe past to plow but only in 2 inch deep snow. He ran the connie backwards pushing the plow behind the tender to avoid derailments caused by the long front coupler on the front of the connie.  He decided to use four of his D&RGW USA trains diesels to push the Aristo wedge plow through the snow which started at about  2 inches deep, and gradually increased to about 12 1/2 inches in a drift.  Next time we will get a better video. We plowed a few feet and saw that it was successful, and then backed up to go with a bit more speed. I kept increasing the speed till we hit the drift and stalled.  We backed up and hit it a gain and made more didtance.  We backed up a third time and went right through.  We were so excited we forgot to video the last two hits, which is a shame.  Now that we have some experience we will get a bettere video next time!!!!

Were we having fun or what!!! ;D ;D ;D 8)

Have a great Christmas.  I am hoping for more snow!!

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Bill- Great video! Thanks for sharing. Some day it may snow again in central Virginia (like it used to years ago), and we'll be able to try the same. Merry Christmas to you and yours- Mike S.