Williams #7002 Southern Pacific Cab Forward

Started by jsb41, January 13, 2020, 04:04:16 PM

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This message is actually four questions:  1.  For the Williams #7002 Cab Forward, where is the sound volume control?  2., 3., 4.:  This probably should have been the first question:  When the Cab Forward was released, was there an owners manual included in the box?  Has anyone seen the manual and/or know where a copy of the manual can be secured?  Thanks for any assistance.


The owners manual is not easy to find, but from descriptions I've seen on other forums it pretty much just showed the lube points and, since the wiring was so basic, did not include a wiring diagram.

The description on the box just says:

Features:  O-Gauge, O-Scale,  All brass construction,  Two operating smoke units,  Sprung drivers,  Operating die-cast knuckle coupler,
Directionally controlled operating backup light on tender,  Lighted marker lights front and rear, Constant voltage operating headlight,
Electronic reversing unit with lockout switch,  Flywheel coasting drive train,  Engineer and Fireman figures in cab, Length: 31",
Minimum curve: O-72

Nothing about sound. If there is sound, most Williams locos did not have a volume control.

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