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"Brewster" Visits the Mountains

Started by Len, January 15, 2020, 01:28:56 PM

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I was looking for some replacement locos for the display layout I maintain for a local shopping center, and stumbled on a deal for "Brewster" from Chugginton. Here are a couple of shots of him hauling visitors to the local ski resort:

Coming off the 'high bridge':

Stopped at the ski town station:

Ignore the boxes in the foreground. Those are trees for a 'reforestation' project on the other side of the layout.

If at first you don't succeed, throw it in the spare parts box.


That is very cool, Len.

Thanks for sharing it.  Jealous that you get to work on a public display.  ;D




Ya.......what Jonathan said.

How big is the layout Len? Are you the sole caretaker or is it a club/group effort?




The layout was originally built for the shopping center by the train store my repair shop was located in. Originally it was larger. In fact, when viewed from above it looked like the state of North Carolina, with a 'bump and go' trolley running up and down the Outer Banks.

The size got chopped a bit due to new businesses coming and going over the years. These days what's left of the outer walls are roughly 18' x 30', with a more or less 22" walkway between the walls and layout table. Since the train store closed, I'm pretty much the only one maintaining things for now. I'd like to get one of the clubs involved, but most of them have jobs and their hours don't line up very well with when the shopping center is open.

The up & over figure-8 'Brewster' is running on is about the only part of the original layout left. It's Atlas-O NS track, with O-63 curves and a grade that's just a hair over 2%. The upper and lower straights are a touch over 5' long. Which should give some idea of the overall layout size.

If at first you don't succeed, throw it in the spare parts box.