Bachmann LS Climax Tsunami 2 TSU-4400 Sound Decoder wiring question

Started by Tom Lapointe, March 11, 2020, 11:03:29 PM

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Tom Lapointe

Hello Mr. Bach-man!  :)
Just picked up one of the last - run Bachmann LS Climax locos to replace my oldest Bachmann loco - an original-production LS Climax (think I bought that loco something like 16 years ago; it still runs but is a VERY tired old loco).  Bought a Tsunami 2 TS-4400 4 amp Sound decoder for it; this is a screw-terminal decoder, so I'm wiring it through the Jumper PC board supplied with the loco.  Basic functions such as motor control & forward headlight are working fine; with the built-in speaker, sound quality is AWESOME.  8) There are a few items which aren't clear , though; wiring for the backup light (the pinout diagram in the manual specifies J1 pin 4, a white wire, as "Front Locomotive Headlight"); what pin is the Rear Headlight?  J1 Pin 8 is listed as the Smoke Unit; J2 Pin 8 as Cab lighht, & J2 Pin 10 as Firebox Flicker.  The TSU - 4400 has 4 additional function screw terminals; I'm going to research a bit on the Tsunami site & see if there are any specific recommendations for the use of those, but any info your guys might have would be appreciated. 😉

Tom Lapointe


I'm not Bach-man, of course, but I was curious.  It's odd that there's no wiring diagram in the Climax drawings.  But, the K-27 drawings have pinouts for J1 and J2, and the functions you mention line up.  If it's indeed the same, the rear light is J1-9.  Here's the K-27 drawing:
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