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The favorite spot on Ebay

Started by blhktpdude, December 12, 2007, 02:28:09 AM

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On Ebaym, "The Favorite Spot" claims that "We are a factory authorized retailer for everyproduct that we sell," is this true.

Stephen D. Richards

Yes it is and they have excellent prices/great service.  Ship any item listed within two/three days.  I usually get mine in less than four days after shipping.  It has been one of the best ebay stores for Model RR I have found.  Stephen


 I have bought just about all my new items from them with never a problem. great prices also.


I have ordered a couple of things from Ziggysmarty and find his prices and service  very good

And another one of my favorite dealers for auctions is ana.kramer

And of course The Favorite Spot

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Loco Bill Canelos

Better than Ebay for many items
If you want good prices on Bachmann or any G Scale Item check with Robby at RLD Hobbies.  Great packing Great Service Great Prices. If you don't see it online call toll free you will get personal help.  Click below!
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I've purchased from The Favorite Spot on 5 different occasions and have never had a problem. Always fast service and well packaged. Other places Ive dealt with is Bessemer Hobbies and of coarse Mitch from Hobbies USA.

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I've purchased via eBay from The Favorite Spot numerous times and can only say great things about them.  Great Prices; Excellent Service; and Fast Shipping!
Tony Cook
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Same here. I have nothing but good things to say about The Favorite Spot. Same with Anna- Kramer. Bruce
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I can say the same i got a bachmann annie from them and there service was great.


Hate to be a downer, but I had a lil trouble with this dude...he took almost a month to ship an item I bought on ebay (and paid within minutes of the end using Paypal)..... I only got it when i complained and threatened to leave negative feedback. So in response to HIS mistake he blocked me from bidding on any future auctions. My money goes elsewhere.

Pacific Northern

I have shopped with this vendor on a number of occassions and have had no problem with the vendor.

On the other hand I have had to start a claim with PayPal after waiting a month for the item. The vendor immediately provided me with the shipping essentials for the package and the package was found.

The item was sitting at Canada Customs for almost a month before being processed.

I certainly can not faulth the vendor for that.

I would shop at the Favorite Spot any time.
Pacific Northern



Sellers on ebay are at the mercy of some pretty weird buyers who give negative feedback for almost nothing.  Since you indicate you were talking about negitive feedback in your note to the seller, he may have felt you might be like those weird buyers.  Everyone goofs up now and then and good sellers are willing to do extra to make things right.  I am only a buyer and I have had problems, and when I send a note to the seller I just explain the problem.  They know if they don't make some effort to fix the problem they can get negative feedback, even if you don't tell them.  One purchase a had from The Favorite Spot had hidden damage from UPS (it was one of the Bachmann N 2-8-0's) all the little parts were broken off from being slammed hard into something.  I contacted The Favorite Spot and explained it asking what I should do.  Even though the listing says all sales are final, he paid for the shipping back plus change, and sent a replacement.  I have had good service like this from several sellers.



The 'Favorite Spot' is one of the best and safest places to purchase Bachmann on eBay. There are many good dealers ... he is one of the very best for price and service.

Another great place for safe, honest dealing and very reasonable, even low prices on eBay is 'the trainhaus'.

both, along with others, are reputable, safe and less expensive then on line stores.

I've purchased from both places and always been happy, but especially 'The Favorite Spot'

ICRR Steam & "Green Diamond" era modeler


I would also like to give "The Favorite Spot" a few good words. I have ordered from them numerous times and have nothing but good things to say about them.......I would recommend them to anyone and will, when the time arises, order from them again...........Jerry