Suggestions for new HO buildings

Started by Ken S., February 05, 2020, 05:36:11 PM

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Ken S.

I've been thinking about some new buildings that would fit into the HO Plasticville line recently.

Bank - One was issued way back when, but a new one should be made. Yours was the only one with a drive-thru that I know of.

Bus Station - There is a somewhat new line of HO Scale buses on the market. A new bus station would work well for the line. A prototype for this could be a scaled down version of the Philadelphia Greyhound Terminal.

Coffee Shop/Florist - This is simply a new front and window insert that can be used with the sides and rear from the 5 & 10 Store, Hardware Store/Pharmacy, or Supermarket. There's a few others that could be made using this same setup of a new front with existing wall and roof tooling such as a Dollar Store.

Train Station - I include this as a suggestion for a station with an 18" platform that can hold about three cars. This should also be checked with the height of EZ-Track sections so that there's not a huge gap between the platform and the bottom step of a passenger car.

plas man

how about a drive in cinema - pay booth/dinner and working screen ?
the modeler could sort out the car park .


I have seen a number of these done with iPad minis or portable DVDs players. Pretty easy to scratch up a driven in which happens to show "Thomas" videos. Dunno if there'd be a market for one sold as a model.



Terry Toenges

Feel like a Mogul.