E-Z Track Truss Bridge with Blinking Light

Started by jerry w in FL, June 03, 2020, 05:12:55 PM

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jerry w in FL

I had to expand the width & height of this kit to accommodate my ON30. There was just enough wiggle room to solder the wires (copper bands) connecting the sides to the rail bed for connection, but i was afraid of getting the heat of the soldering iron near the circuits under the blinking light (i'm still a novice at soldering), but was able to use a small bit of extra wire soldered to the sides & do a compression type connection like the original setup.  Well, after months of working fine, one day after replacing the train itself, something either got bumped or jiggled too much from vibration & i saw a little puff of smoke come from the light on top.  YIKES!!!
After some testing, discovered the light hadnt blown & still worked. Figured i needed a more permanent connection, so after removing the light itself from the top rails, i attempted to solder a little wire to it, but the solder would not stick to the little square compression pads on the light.  Masking tape works but of course that looks awful & will likely wear loose in no time. Tried different glues but they just insulated the contacts & eventually i got a deadly short.

To cut the story short, i ordered a new truss bridge (just for the light since nobody sells spare parts). Question is, what's a good way to connect the sides to the top with a very short strip of wire that is secure so i dont have to worry about it coming loose & shorting out the circuit board again?
Thanks for any input - stay safe & sane...
Largo, FL