What sounds do you hear with more than one engine in Multi-Train?

Started by Loco4locos, June 18, 2020, 11:54:20 AM

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If you're running more than one E-Z App engine with Multi-Train what sounds do you hear?  Do you hear one engine at a time (e.g. the last engine you changed the speed of or sounded the horn, etc.) or all of them at the same time?  Thank you. 



Thanks.  I'm assuming you mean when running engines in a consist that you'll hear the lead engine.  That's good to know, but I meant when running more than one engine not in a consist with each other -- say a 2-6-0 on one loop and a FT A-unit on another loop.  Do you hear a steam engine and a diesel running simultaneously, just one at a time, just the one you most recently did something with like changed speed, sounded the bell, etc,?  


An aside -- Locomotives can be on same track separate loops not required.

To your question -  I do not currently have convenient access to an E-Z App system to verify what I recall is the answer to your Multi-Train question.  Apologize for having wasted your time and mine.


Yep. On the same loop is no problem.  Thanks.  Just as with DCC, TMCC, Legacy, DCS, and other constant track voltage systems I'm familiar with.  I didn't need to put it that way but chose to for some reason.  Your first reply was not a waste of time. Now I know that when in a consist the sounds of the lead E-Z App engine are what you hear on your BlueTooth device or whatever you might have that also paired with such as a Bose Mini. Still wondering what you hear when two or more E-Z App engines are run separately at the same time.   



Found some old Tech Note.  You can expect to hear the only the sounds of the locomotive you last sent a command to.

At the time of these Tech Notes (which are not dated):  Although more than one locomotive can be controlled at the same time,  the Multi-Train screen was available only when using iOS ,  it had not been implemented for Android. I do not know if it is now in the Android version.


I have two of the GP35 Ez App locomotives. I did a test and while I had them both running, I turned one to use the steam locomotive sounds and one to the diesel sounds. You can hear both the steam and diesel sounds at the same time. I have previously only ran them both with the diesel sounds (since them are both diesels) and the two sounds both run into each other so it was hard to hear just what was happening (whether it was just one or the other or both at the same time.) This is with the Android App.

I hope this answers your question.

Also, FYI, consisting and the multi-train screens do not work with the Android app, only the iphone app, as I found out to my disappointment. I was sort of expecting consisting not to work, but no multi-train screen stinks. You can just swipe the screen right/left to get to the controls for other engines in the Android app, but it doesn't seem nearly as useful as the multi-train screen would be.