Replacing Drive Gear on Spectrum HO 4-6-0...Early release Model

Started by russ daley, February 10, 2024, 06:41:54 PM

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russ daley

I have several engines with a worn drive gear...the one located on middle driver. First off...Are they available separately....part number... vendor... etc...And if so how much talent is needed to even replace the gear...looks to me it's quite a job. Couldn't find any instructions/videos on web. I saw the gear is part of an assembly available from Bachmann Parts...I don't mind a challenge but I believe this is beyond my talent and probably be best to purchase the assembly and forget the aggravation.
Thought I'd ask? Also have one that needs a motor...I think I can handled that one?       

686 Shooter

Hi Russ.

Does your loco have the 53" or 62" drivers? The reason I ask is because I needed a set of drivers for a Spectrum 4-6-0 and a fellow on here pointed out that you can buy the chassis for the newer (non-Spectrum) 4-6-0 online from Bachmann for $54. I took a chance, and they are the same drivers and gear for the 53" drivers on the Spectrum model. If yours has the 62" drivers, you could at least use the gear off the new one.

If you aren't sure what size you have, here is the difference between the two locomotives.



russ daley

Thanks for the reply 686Shooter.

I believe and confirming with parts that the Chassis Assembly is a direct replacement for the Spectrum Model 82301. I think I'll just buy the complete assembly which will surely pay for the aggravation I'm sure to encounter if I try to replace the gear.

Russ Daley