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Sheldon's Layout

Started by Grumpy468, July 07, 2020, 11:38:04 AM

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Quote from: WoundedBear on July 09, 2020, 09:58:06 AM
Quote from: Trainman203 on July 09, 2020, 08:48:40 AM
Sheldon your structures are great.  Beautifully weathered. I recognize the Walthers kits which I have some of but yours look so much better than mine.  I even recognize the Revell engine house of old.  I really like the electric substation, which kit is that?

Did the Revell Engine House become the Walthers Engine House? I know Sheldon, Jon and I all have the same engine house on our layouts.

There was an article in NGSLG a while back about the Revell kits and they never mentioned the molds being bought or sold .


Thank you for the kind words, everything to this point has been a Walthers kit. Be cool if Revell was making Ho Scale structures.


I took a saw blade and dragged it across the pieces with the grain to make them look like wood. I also took a pounce wheel to make rows of nail holes.


This is the old Revell two stall engine house:

And this is the Walthers version:

While both are 'brick' and somewhat similar, I'd say the differences are significant enough to say they used different tooling.

If at first you don't succeed, throw it in the spare parts box.


They are very similar.  The longer Walthers one is more usable.  Revell's biggest engine was an F-unit, all they cared about getting completely inside.

Those are very cold weather type structures.  Although letting an engine out in winter was a lot worse than when your mother yelled st you to shut the door. 💨❄️🥶😂.


I cut the doors different lengths to give a real feel to the doors being open at different heights.


This is going to be a small pub with a smoking car port out back.


I love these stall motors, a bit tricky to work with but great once installed.


I made these, was my first attempt at small wood.


I have a pretty bright flashlite in this one just wanted to see what it would look like. Will go with a couple of LED bulbs when i get to the lighting.


Well i dipped my toe into the landscaping pool today. Its tricky at the same time very exciting. Looking forward to adding more slowly as i go. Now i have a clear definition of where the road is going to be,


Nice we need some 'splainin' Lucy.  ;D



Made my own ground coverage today. A couple local lumber yards gave me a few bags of saw dust. I went to the dollar store, bought 2 big plastic containers, Gales florist has fabric dye for $1.87 a box. Found an old bed sheet, filled it with sawdust, dipped in the dye till i was happy with the colour. The darker stuff was made first, then i got a lighter batch as the dye was running out, a happy accident if you will. I have a box of brown dye, i need to go back and get a few more colours.


This is tricky, trying to make trees look right etc.


You're right about trees. They have to be some of the costliest and hard to make items on a layout. Especially if you want a believable tree.

And you can never have enough of them, it seems.



True enough.

There are never enough trees.  Great start, though.  3 down, 997 to go.  ;D