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e-z app. problem

Started by lou999, August 28, 2020, 11:11:01 AM

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do not reconise loco on new Android after update of cell

try Apple phone and a old android cell and it works.

please advised


Try re-installing the app.



try that already many time


(Is there anything on the new phone in Setting?

I ask because my hearing aids, I use an App and I have to Pair them First in Settings with my iPhone. Then I can use the App.




Turn Bluetooth off and then back on in your smart phone.


Does this system have any future on large serious model railroads that might run 15 or 20 engines at once?  Or is it more like a toy, a tech gimmick for geeks to play with?  In my limited exposure I've seen no discussion of app-run railroads.  Dead rail seems to be more the up and coming Next Big Thing.  Could a knowledgeable person fill us in about where app-run model railroading is headed, and what its true possibilities are.


App based operation of model trains is definitely here to stay and is a serious wave of the future. One issue which is pointed out in this thread is that apps seem to work better with IoS than with Android. I currently run transformer based conventional, hand held controller (LC & TMCC) and app based  Once you get used to app based, it's really convenient to use and has the advantage of continuous feedback display of operating conditions.


BLueRail who co-developed EZ App with Bachmann is one of the leading proponents of Dead rail.  Their ;atest incarnation of bluetooth based boards is a DCC decoder that responds to bluetooth signals.

I am very interested in the further development of EZ App and similar train control systems. They would appear to overcome one of the biggest flaws of DCC, the need to pass the control signal through the rails where it is subject to corruption due to signal loss from dirty track. I don't know if any of you have experienced partial signal loss where the locomotive has enough power to run but not enough to read the incoming signal. The locomotive continues to run on the last command the decoder understood and will not respond to additional throttle commands until it once again receives a command it understands. This is a scary thing when it happens as your train essentially runs away.

By removing the control signal from the rails, EZ App and BlueRail allow independent control of locomotives, while making the spotlessly clean track necessary for DCC operation less of an issue. I for one am very interested in its further development. For now, consider this practical use: you haven't run the layout in a while and the track needs cleaned. You have a track cleaning car, but in order to use it you must be able to run a locomotive to pull it. If your track is clean enough to run a DC locomotive, it can also run EZ App, thus you power your train with an EZ App locomotive. Even more intriguing is the use of a Dead rail locomotive where even track power is not an issue. I can envision using an old Tyco for this service, as there would be more than enough room for batteries inside the shell, the motor is relatively smooth running, and the flaky electrical pickup would no longer be an issue.
Jeffery S Ward Sr
Pittsburgh, PA


Stay tuned. Everything you are asking for is currently available in the new BlueRail product.