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EZ Contoller DCC

Started by Chrisgarvey, November 16, 2020, 11:15:47 AM

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I am very new to this train stuff ....I have an EZ track setup and bought EZ DCC controller to go with it. I wanted to hookup my turnouts to it I said I am ver new to this!
There is a green wire connected to the turn out and it has a connector at the end with a plug at the end. I guess I thought it would plug into the controller but obviously I was wrong. Can anyone please help me out with this?!

I have downloaded the EZ app as well, when the turnouts are working can I use the app for this?



Below is a link to operating the turnouts if they are electrical and not DCC DCC turnouts use a decoder.
You can look in the information page for info. Take time to look through the Bachmann site. Lots of good info.

The App is only for the loco. That should be in the instructions. Different technology.
Good luck.



You have remote control turnouts. Bachmann DCC turnouts are clearly labeled as such. By the way, make sure you purchase nickel silver track. The DCC commands go through the track to the turnouts, not via wires.


It thank you for the response! I think I can delete the app! I will read the turnout info..thank you for your replies