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K27 Loco

Started by Don Carter, December 16, 2020, 06:33:08 PM

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Don Carter

Looking for the wire schematic and or wiring of the  components in the coal tender


Hi Don,

The only thing I've found on this is via this link on Bachmann's website... hope it helps!
See page 4.

Good luck,


I have two pictures done by a Robert l. Grosh but they are too big to load here. please pm me and I will get then to you. I think I originally got these on large scale central if you want to look there as well.

Al P.


Don, I sent them to you in an e-mail. enjoy.

Al P.

Don Carter

Quote from: Don Carter on December 16, 2020, 06:33:08 PM
Looking for the wire schematic and or wiring of the  components in the coal tender

This is a repost : Not sure if this loco is a Bachmann or not. it's a K37 2-8-2 #491 and all medal.
It has a large tender with two electronic boards in the tender. I am looking to add RC and battery power and need the wiring schematic.



Likely either an Accucraft or a Berlyn.  Accucraft you can probably get information on. The Berlyn has been out of business for some time.

Greg Elmassian

No wiring diagrams on Berlyn locos that I have ever seen. I have a Berlyn loco that I bought new in the box, no wiring diagram or schematic.

I have several Accucraft locos, the manual had a rudimentary schematic/wiring diagram.

Not ONE of them on any loco was 100% correct....

You need trace and validate the wiring yourself.... I had one hell of a time on one loco, a K4 Pacific, and it turns out there was a hidden 6v regulator, screwed to the underside of the geartrain casting.... ony found it by seeing a wire run into a hidden recess...

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