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Spectrum 2-8-0 Wheels and Slide Rod Movement

Started by russ daley, January 19, 2021, 06:24:17 PM

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russ daley

I may have a wheel and slide rod binding issue. Motor runs and and I "assume" at this point, the gears are engaged. To further troubleshoot...when installed in just the chassis, how free turning should the wheels and slide rods be. I get about a 1/4 turn before I get into a bind. Any advice or reference to free up the bind. I wanted to attach a photograph but Upload Folder appears full. The photograph I was referring to was Chassis Part Assy H11408. 

Any help is appreciated.....


I don't how 'new' your loco might be.  Often, in shipping, the crossheads guides get a bit pinched in... especially if the loco came in the clear plastic packaging.  Try GENTLY spreading the crosshead guides. Doesn't take much pressure.

That's a total guess, I'm afraid. 

To post a photo, you need a photo-sharing account like photobucket, flickr, among others.




Welcome Russ

You need a photo hosting site to post photos to most forums, here or any other forums.


russ daley

Thanks fellows...It's a great hobby and I'm glad it has caught my interest again.

The photo I wanted to attach is the Chassis Assembly H11408 as shown in the Bachmann Parts Listing for the 2-8-0, actually it's the first item...and out of stock. I believe I purchased in 2004 or 2005.

But my question is should the wheel and slide rod assembly be somewhat free turning 360 degrees? further on this...I would assume that the gear must also be free turning too...What exactly are the Crosshead Guides? 

I'll look into the photo sharing as I would like to share photos of my layout...
Thanks again...       


Do a search for free photo hosting sites. There is a link. I posted it here but it was removed.



I had a 2-8-0 with this issue. Turned out that one set of drivers was out of quarter. Twisting them into alignment solved it. I'd check that.
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The only binding I ever experienced, with a Bachmann Connie, was a newer model that came in the clear plastic packaging.

The crossheads had been slightly squeezed in shipping and just needed a gentle spreading to get everything back in shape.

Here is a photo of the crosshead on one of my older Connies that I've got on the bench at the moment:

DSC_0540 by Jon Vogel, on Flickr

The big chunk in the middle is the crosshead.  The two horizontal bars that "guide" the crosshead are called the crosshead guides.  They are the parts that got pinched on my Connie.

Now... I have never had a Connie that was out of quarter, so I can't speak to that.  However:

Here is a thread I posted ages ago.  It has some pictures of the Connie, disassembled. It might help:,13232.0.html

Hope that helps.