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Spectrum Doodlebug

Started by Vectorer21, January 19, 2021, 02:35:43 PM

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I recently acquired a new n-scale doodlebug and coach, DCC equipped.
It works great, except I have no control of interior lights. They are always on, cannot turn them off or even dim them. The paperwork says F10 will turn on/off. No joy on both 2 or 4 function
E-Z Command decoder, which is what is installed. I'm using JMRI on a programming track.
Any help is appreciated.


Since you have not received any answers I will try.
Do a decoder factory reset. Cv8, enter 8. Cycle track power. Light should flash sixteen times and run on address 3.

Here is the CV list on the Bachmann site. I know it does not look like your decoder.

Good luck.



The lighting in your DCC equipped Doodlebug is working as designed.

Headlight is directional and on/off dcc controllable. The interior lights are constant on when power is on track and are not controlled by the decoder,