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Large Scale Side dump mine cars

Started by Matthew (OV), January 12, 2021, 11:04:15 AM

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Matthew (OV)

Anyone know the trick to getting the newer ones with the metal sideframes apart to change the axles?

Matthew (OV)


No suggestion but watching.

Matthew (OV)

Well, ok, I have a solution in case anyone was wondering . . . I will try to post a pic, but I don't think it's working ...

Essentially, just remove the three screws in the center and at the two couplers.  Remove the lower section of the car.  The center crossmember can then be removed; it slides out one end at a time.  This allows the sideframes to flex sufficiently to release the axles.  Be careful not to lose the bearings from the axle ends.

Matthew (OV)