Here is what I think Bachmann should make in G

Started by mickeykelley, January 22, 2021, 10:34:40 PM

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Ok, first of all, we know that Large scale is having some issues, as is the model railroading in general.  With our white knight long gone, the odds of getting much, let alone what I want, is slim to it ain't ever gonna happen. But a guy can hope.  Bachmann, are you listening?

What I think is needed is a specialty "car" that can get some attention but not be crazy expensive like a new engine.  Bachmann has been there, done that.  But what if you took something from the HO that's already been done, but scale it up.  What I'm thinking is doing the steam crane like what's been done in HO.  Yes, I would like to see it be an actual working one, but I'd settle for one that would allow the outside market create that part.  So create some Spectrum features (like they did the cabooses) with like some moving crane parts, or whatever.  Maybe a smoke unit in side?  Other suggestions?


I'd like to see some cars which do some form of action, like some of the old Lionel ones did.  You know, something to get the kids to want to actually PLAY with the trains.  I have the bubble car which my daughter just loves.  She chases it around the patio popping the bubbles. 
And the dynamite car is always a hit.  <wink>
The Bachmann stock cars with the moving animal heads are cool. 
Way back when, LGB made an automatic gondola which dumped its load via track magnet.  I would love an American version of that.  Or an auto unloading flat car with logs/pipes/barrels etc. 
Other ones I've seen which would fit with the military theme, the missile and helicopter launching cars. 
Plenty of others. 


It never ceases to amaze me how we come full circle. In the early years, Bachmann and large scale as a whole were ignored by serious model railroaders due to the complete 'Toy Like' products sold. Seirous modelers bought LGB because their motor blocks were near bullet proof and bashed them in to serious incarnations of US prototyp steam locomotives. Slowly over the years Bachmann began producing prototype looking equipment, not necessarily in scale or prototype road name, but more model than toy. Hail Lee Riley, he brought out the Spectrum line of products that followed prototype closley and were generally much better made than the Big Hauler line. (Not dissing the Big Hauler line, I have a ton of it). Over the years the Lionel child's toy like appearance went away, and here we are begging for children's toys.

Yes, I am a modeler. And yes, I have 12 grandchildren. And yes, I do my best to keep them interested in a hobby that is slowly dying because as a whole society, we teach our children to only want instant gratification, something model railroading will never provide.

You talk about new product. What is Bachmann's risk in producing a new product. The known part is the 150-300K they are going to spend on new dies for the parts. The two unknown components are, can I price this new car at a level the public will purchase, and if so, can I sell enough to cover the cost of manufacturing.  It came through the rumor mill that it took Bachmann near 10 years to recover the full cost of the K27. Not entirely sure i buy off on that, but we are in a niche market of a niche market. There are 15 or 20 pieces of rolling stock I would like to see Bachmann produce, due to market conditions I doubt I will live long enough to see them.

My suggestion is to sharpen you MODELING skills and scratch or bash that stock car with bleeting sheep, or roaring lion. There are lots of articles in hobby magazines on how to do that.