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Thomas & Friends Ideas

Started by Jayden Velez, February 02, 2021, 10:16:18 AM

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Jayden Velez

I had heard recently that you guys are making Ryan, so why don't you make Nia and Rebecca in HO scale because Mattel was really pushing them in 2018, and you guys should give Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald and Douglas, and Emily CGI Faces and the rest of the characters that appeared in the CGI series. In G Scale, I would like to see Edward and Nia


This is Foolish its bad enough Bachmann got Thomas Percy And James Faces incorrect as it is No Fans Dont Want to Pay For CGI faces In Fact Nia & Rebecca Are Two Characters Personally That I Wouldnt Buy I'm Disgusted With The Fact They Tried To Replace The Original Steam Team With Them In The First Place And The CGI faces For The OG Characters Look Nothing Like The Model Series Especially Percy I Would Not Support Any CGI Characters And Most Fans Of The Show Knows It Went DownHill After Those Characters Were Introduced


The introduction of Nia and Rebecca through Big World Big Adventures was a flop, which is why Mattel has chosen to make another revamp without Rebecca (that is ironically even worse).

Yet, in response to CGI faces, I, too, would be disappointed with that change, as they don't have the same nostalgic value that the classic model faces do.

All in all, it is important to remember that the Bachmann Thomas lines would not be as popular as they are today if it weren't for the original television series that utilized model trains. The realism of the models is what kept the majority of us older fans attached and loyal to Bachmann for all these years. If the show started as a CGI one, I definitely would not be a Thomas fan today and would not be surprised if the line suffered from the same fate that the Chuggington line did.
Dreaming of a Bachmann Stepney.


That won't work for CGI Faces on some of HO Classic Characters! People will keep Classic Era Faces for Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Emily, Edward, James, Henry, Toby, Duck and the Scottish Twins at some point in the future! I would like to see Old Shape Henry plus Judy and Jerome in HO/OO Scale Range in the future! Don't use Nia and Rebecca! Understood!


That's one of the worst ideas I've ever heard pertaining to model trains. Sales would decline like never before, and the value of the non-CGI face characters would spike. There's no way in heck they would do that though, thank gosh. Nia and Rebecca would sell terribly as almost no one likes them. At least you like Edward. Old Shape Henry would be awesome and it would be even better if they made him in his old shape. I'd rather see the normal Breakdown Train than Judy and Jerome, but since they haven't released it yet, I doubt they're ever going to because of those complicated cranes.
Personal wishlist:
Locomotives: Stepney, Murdoch and Stanley
Rolling stock: Tar Tanker and Red Express coaches rerelease, Spencer's brake coach and the breakdown train
Buildings: Tidmouth Sheds and Knapford Station rerelease, as well as the watermill

Rodimus Supreme

No one wants Nia and Rebecca. They're terrible and it's a horrible idea to make them ever. I don't know why someone would ever want them.

plas man

Bachmann please keep the coupling the same --- Gordon's coach's - Annie/Clarabelle and others  use old Mainline/Bachmann (UK) coupler . but I notice Toad brake van and other stock use NMRA smaller coupler (UK) but the hook on the older coupler do not enter the loop on the smaller version - thus when cornering the unattached hook throw's/derails the attached wagon/car ?

this is a kids toy and kids love speed and NO derailments

thank you .


I'm not sure why you keep calling the Bachmann models kids toys, when they're not toys by any means, and are meant for ages 8 and older. If you want something sturdy and durable, buy some Trackmaster toys.


What if they make a thomas and friends lady from the movie magic railroad would anyone be interested in that?


I would like to have James with his crows feet smile. I know that's not happening.

The idea of the original break down crane but I prefer them without a face. Hopefully it will come release a coach unit.

I never did like the look of Lady, her backstory made no sense.

I do like Rebecca, but her personality would have better for a existent character than making a new one. Would I buy her, no.
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plas man

mr Bachmann please for 2022 Winston in both ho and N


Quote from: plas man on February 10, 2021, 04:39:26 PM
kids love speed and NO derailments

Are you kidding? Derailments are just like crashes and kids love crashes in Thomas.