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Generic Wishlist for 2021

Started by trainyardjp, February 28, 2021, 02:05:42 PM

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JP of Acton MA, USA writes,

To all O Scale / O Gauge modelers -

This is the "Generic" Wishlist for 2021.
Here, you can post anything you want, including suggestions for Bachmann / WBB, regarding products that you want to see produced.
"The sky is the limit" with this wish list.

Keep in mind that I Am Not an employee of the Bachmann / WBB company, and I Am Not associated in any way with the Bachmann / WBB company.
All comments and suggestions should be directed to "3 Rail", "Yardmaster" or "The Bachmann".

Country Joe

As I have said the past few years I wish WBB would come up with a Bluetooth app similar to Lionel's LionChief app so trains could be run with wireless remote control by any smart device.