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Bachmann EZ Mate Couplers

Started by actonrrnscale, April 20, 2021, 05:44:08 PM

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Good Day. I have a question about N Scale EZ mate magnet couplers. I was wondering if other people have experienced what I am trying to describe below.
My cars and engines use EZ Mate Couplers. I seem to have a common occurrence when trying to couple two cars together.
For whatever reason, cars will not couple.  The couple heights are the same and the couplers are new. For example, the couplers come in contact with one another and seem
to clasp, but when the engine pulls away, a car is left stranded and would not couple to another car. I would like to think since we are dealing with magnets that I would not have this problem.
The couplers/trucks on my cars are made up of roller bearing freight trucks, some friction bearing and some have the frame mounted EZ mate couplers. Any insight would be greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this.


Are they all EZ mates (brown coupler with a spring on the glad hand) or are some of them the dummy couplers (black coupler, no spring or brake hose) that come with all the trainset equipment and the bulk freight cars?

The dummy couplers will not auto couple with anything.

The EZ mates take a pretty good hit to auto couple. The springs are a little stiff and the gladhand doesn't always open easily. If you are looking for automatic coupling for switching operations and such, you should look to converting to Micro-Trains couplers. They are the bench mark for a knuckle coupler.
Tony Hines

Modeling the B&O in Loveland, OH 1947-1950

plas man

another problem , are you trying to couple whilst still on the magnet ?