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C-19 Drawing Huge Power load

Started by jrmelton43, June 29, 2021, 11:36:36 AM

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My C-19 started drawing a huge power load and basically won't run without 100% of either the MRC 6200 or the PH Hobbies transformers.  Both of these transformers run a variety of large locos at low power level.  When I apply power to the track the C-19 Phoenix sound system works perfectly, but little power goes to the loco. I have cleaned the track.  Any ideas why it's requiring so much power? It has been running flawlessly for several years.

Loco Bill Canelos


It is extremely difficult to diagnose something like this online, but a guess might be that something is binding.  Has the locomotive been run extensively?, has the locomotive derailed causing a short, which may have damaged the electronics??   Do the circuit breakers on the transformers blow after being under load for awhile?  Do other locos run fine on the same track??  Could their be a problem with the connections between the loco and the tender?  Might even be a problem with the transformers!!  All you can do at this point is start eliminating possibilities.

Hang in there!

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To add a couple to Bill's list:

How many hours has the loco been run?
How often do you follow the lubrication schedule?
What lubricants are you using?
Have you checked the internal gear drive for grease? It is not common, but occasionally one may slip with out being properly greased at the factory.
Is this a sudden change or has it been developing over a period of time?

I must say that my C-19 is a fantastic loco. Pulls well and at prototype speeds.

Bob C.

Greg Elmassian

I agree with the comments above, look for motor or geartrain binding. How much current is being drawn?

Disconnect the phoenix system and measure the draw.

By the way, realize that the MRC6200 is a marginal transformer (under 2 amps) and also subject to failure. So measure the current drawn, you can buy a digital meter capable of measuring up to 10 amps for $5 at Harbor Freight.

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