Do old DC 2-8-0 loco and tender bodies fit onto the new Sound Value chassis?

Started by Searsport, June 28, 2021, 01:01:59 PM

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I have an ancient pair, Seaboard #914 (Spectrum 81173, DCC Ready) and Seaboard #916 (Spectrum 81166, not DCC ready). I don't expect Bachmann to re-issue these in DCC + Sound any time soon, so I was wondering if the loco and tender bodies might transplant directly / fairly easily onto the chassis of one from one of the RRs Bachmann currently favour. I don't want to buy one and then find they don't!!!!!

BTW I'm surprised the Bachmann on-line shop does not specify a minimum radius curve for the 2-8-0. Nor does the documentation with my engines. The Model Railroader review of April 2002 says 9 3/4 inches, but I don't know where they got that from.

Do these latest sound value locos have a proper working front knuckle coupler, or has this basic ommission from a freight loco still not been addressed? Again the MR review says MTL recommend their 2004-1 as a replacement front coupler for this loco, but the MTL conversion chart says "No pilot conversion available". It seems to me that puts the onus on Bachmann to solve the problem. They did it on the 2-6-0, so it must be possible on the 2-8-0. The provision of a working front coupler on the 2-6-0 shows Bachmann recognise it is essential for freight loco operation.



Checking the parts sheets from my older Spectrum locos against the online parts listing shows the boilers to be the same number, so it should probably work. The only way to be sure would be to find someone that has the newer ones and try to swap shells on them.

The online parts catalog has a pilot with coupler listed, and looking at the picture it looks like a working coupler. They are, of course, out of stock, as are the left side ladders.