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Started by Chaz, July 15, 2021, 11:01:36 PM

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The fact that HO Scale is getting Rebecca, a newly-tooled tender engine, really opens up the possibility for Hiro, or Flying Scotsman, but if another new tooling isn't viable at this time for HO Scale, then recolors would be another way to go, like Sidney, Fernando, or Green Salty. Regarding the Mainland diesels, they may not have much character, with only one being named (Ulli), but it's really hard to paint that livery when modeling. Bachmann has the tooling to make a red Mainland diesel or two. They could be called "Mainland Diesel #1" and "Mainland Diesel #2". Same livery, but different faces. They would make good shunters for a layout. Their faces can be swapped with other characters of this tooling when modding. They're making Beau because they have his tooling, and he was a one-off character. It would be interesting if Fernando, or the Mainland diesels could get their first official pieces of merchandise. One of the latter could even use Fernando's face.

Although there's a fanmade CGI BoCo, it's still not likely Mattel would approve of BoCo because he never officially returned in CGI. Splatter and Dodge were going to return in Day of the Diesels and The Great Race, but both times, they were dropped. Although they'd use Diesel's tooling, they haven't been relevant in two decades.

The next N Scale engine has to be Henry. He would share the same chassis as Gordon, minus the trailing wheels. Graham Farish toolings can be used for the Express Coaches.
My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Fernando, Mainland Diesels, Norman, Porter, Samson, Timothy, Whiff, Hiro, Winston, and Green Salty.
My wishlist for N Scale: Henry, Edward, Spencer, Flying Scotsman, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Sidney, 'Arry and Bert.


Good to be back boys. Just wanted to say hello, will post thoughts later.
All I want is, Stepney, Boco, Harvey.

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Great to see the forum and some familiar people back online! It'll be great to talk about announcements and such again soon!
Bachmann trains are awesome. I hope they come out with Stepney one day.


Beau's upcoming HO Scale model will be his first official piece of merchandise, since both his Thomas Wood models were cancelled. He's also said to be a limited release. Thankfully, I have him on preorder from Trainworld.

Maybe the reason we haven't already gotten the Milk Tanker in N Scale is because when Bachmann chose the Graham Farish tooling for the tankers, people were disappointed. N Scale Toad used a new tooling, and he will be the first brake van in the range. Apart from the Express Coaches, Red Coaches would also be very welcome additions to N Scale rolling stock. Henrietta would be much more likely for N Scale than Large Scale, and she has to be made at some point, since Toby has joined the range. Henrietta would also make Hannah a possible recolor.

Hopefully next month, we could see an unpainted prototype of N Scale Emily, or Sir Handel, as well as N Scale Toad fully painted. Once the 2023 catalog goes up, Beau might be fully painted right off the bat, since they're using an existing tooling for him.
My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Fernando, Mainland Diesels, Norman, Porter, Samson, Timothy, Whiff, Hiro, Winston, and Green Salty.
My wishlist for N Scale: Henry, Edward, Spencer, Flying Scotsman, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Sidney, 'Arry and Bert.


I do think Beau is such a strange choice for an engine, especially for the reason we were given for us not getting Stepney.

I understand why we aren't getting Stepney because it's been a long time since we seen him, I'm guessing it's very unlikely we will be getting characters that have not made it to CGI, so that will rule out BoCo and Duke too. Them two and Stepney are the three models I would love to see too.

But announcements, the next Narrow Gauge no doubt will be Duncan, it looks as though they are planning on bringing out 1-6 of the Narrow Gauge engines. After Duncan, it'll be interesting who they will do next, Victor, Luke, Millie? Those three are very likely, I can't think of any other Narrow Gauge engines that made it to CGI.

Out of the HO/OO models I don't think there is an easy option to pick to be made, I think the following are possible.

Nia: As much as as I don't care so much about the BWBA series, she became a main character and Rebecca has already been announced, bringing her out to finish the second Steam Team (third if you count #1-8 as the orginal team like me), but she is also a bright orange color, something that would stand out to the younger fans if railroads.

Sidney: A easy repaint as he is the same engine as Diesel, Paxton, 'Arry, Bert. Sidney would be cheap to produce as all they need to do I think is repaint and change the face.

Hiro: From what I believe, Hiro is extremely popular in Japan, but I'm unsure if Bachmann sell their models in Japan, or if they do, do they sell well? I'm not sure if Hiro could gey more of an interest in the Japanese Market or even be a selling point to start selling there if they aren't sold.

Charlie: I know alot of people don't like him as a character, but he is a small engine and a unique bright color to interest the younger fans. Maybe children found his jokes funny as actually enjoyed him as a character, so he could be possible.

Porter: Now that Salty is being reintroduced, I think Porter is possible to be announced. Especially as Ryan was announced after Daisy, so it's possible they want to put another duo out after each other.

Stanley: A white and Silver engine, once again another bright stand out color combination, I don't think he is likely as others, but still possible to be announced in the next five or so years.

My most wanted Engine who has made it into CGI I guess would be Whiff, I do like his design, and I do get bored of 0-6-0 Engines, so it would be a nice change. If Whiff did get made it could bring out the possibility of bring Scruff afterwards.

If we got any repaints, I would love to see Scrapped Versions of both Oliver and Toad.The redish Oliver with scrap written on his would look quite cool and interesting in my opinion.

As long as we don't get another James repaint I will be happy, but then again there is the episode where he is pink and the episode where he was in multiple different colors.

Rolling stock I would like to see would maybe be Bradford the breakvan, maybe the Tar Wagon if I remember it just discontinued. Maybe Bachmann could do the Slip Coaches as they are three coaches with the same design maybe with a different face each. I would like to see Henrietta with a face, which I think if she got made, a Hannah could easily be made too, after all repaint are easy ways for Bachmann to make money? An odd choice I would like to see, I think it's name is Lei, the truck that constantly fell off the track.

I don't collect G Scale or N Scale

I do think Henry then Edward would be next in the N Scale line.

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Quote from: Zekeism on January 21, 2023, 07:40:53 PMI do think Beau is such a strange choice for an engine, especially for the reason we were given for us not getting Stepney.

Beau will be a repaint of Bachmann's 4-4-0 model with little new toolings.  He's just for fun and will most likely be a limited run due to the tooling cost of the 4-4-0's.
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For Narrow Gauge, Duncan is inevitable, and would complete engines 1-6 on the Skarloey Railway.

For HO Scale, however:

They might as well announce Nia, since they are making Rebecca. I personally don't care for Nia, or Big World Big Adventures, but given that she's a main character, and Rebecca's joining the range, Nia is inevitable, and would only make sense that she joins too. Nia would also complete the BWBA Steam Team. Also has a very unique livery.

Porter is another good choice, with Salty being reintroduced to HO Scale, but one big issue is his scaling, which is even more problematic than Oliver's.

Hiro is a very popular choice for a CGI character, and is now more likely, since we're getting Rebecca, which means Bachmann is back to making new tender engines for the HO Scale range. Rebecca's wheels (repainted) can be used for Hiro, just like how Oliver's wheels were used as parts for Ryan, but repainted.

Flying Scotsman could also be made possible as a new tender engine. Might use the same chassis as Spencer with Gordon's trailing wheels. The only concern is his second tender, which would make him more expensive, and need a longer package.

Stanley is one who appeared in both model and CGI, and has a unique white livery to make him stand out. He could even use Thomas' chassis with red wheels.

Whiff is also a very good choice, and would be the first ready-to-run model of Aerolite. He would be about as long as Ryan, though his front wheels might have to be powered. Announcing Whiff can make Scruff possible.

For recolors, Diesel's tooling can be used to make Sidney or Fernando. Mainland Diesel #1, Ulli, or any of the other Mainland Diesels can also use that tooling, but one thing is that the Mainland Diesels mostly didn't have names, and didn't show that much character, but it would be interesting if they or Fernando get their first official pieces of merchandise. Fernando is more likely since at least he has a name and character. The only issue with Splatter and Dodge is that they haven't been relevant in two decades. Green Salty is a different recolor I'd be okay with as well.
My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Fernando, Mainland Diesels, Norman, Porter, Samson, Timothy, Whiff, Hiro, Winston, and Green Salty.
My wishlist for N Scale: Henry, Edward, Spencer, Flying Scotsman, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Sidney, 'Arry and Bert.


What I think would be cool for Bachmann, them doing a ballot to decide future models. Super Smash Bros did it a few years ago and most of the popular picks became characters in the next game.

Bachmann wouldn't even need to tell us the results and they wouldn't need to pick the most popular choice, they could the pick the most reasonable and possible choices, for example the top ten were, let's say:

1: Stepney
2: BoCo
3: Diesel 10
4: Hiro
5: Stanley
6: Porter
7: Whiff
8: Nia
9: Glynn
10: Charlie

They would go through the list and think, well we'll see which Engines Mattel would let us make, oh we can't get the materials for Stepney and BoCo. Diesel 10 can't be made because of his claw. Hiro could be a good choice, we'll make him.. Yes, I made the list up as an example.
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really called Thomas

Ever since Bachmann UK started introducing DCC-ready locos, I have held off buying more (I already had the Famous Eight!). Now with Edward and Henry being available, I am just waiting on Duck so I can upgrade my collection. I am sure at some point the rest of the fleet will be made DCC-ready, with Diesel and Bill & Ben, followed by Donald & Douglas top of my wish list!

I am also hoping the Narrow Gauge engines will be made DCC-ready, but I think that is a long shot given their size and design.


I'm just waiting for the last of the narrow gauge locomotives. Simple plain brown repaints for vans.

I really don't know what else, can't think right now.
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Hey everyone! I am ecstatic that the Bachmann Forum is back, and happy to see that many old members are still here as if the hiatus in the past year never occurred. I'm going to be making some new posts here soon, including some final thoughts for 2023's announcement. Looking forward to engaging in conversations again.
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After being cancelled for the past two years, the Toy Fair is finally returning, but will be later in the year this time, so we'll most likely just get the 2023 catalog within a few weeks. Maybe this Friday, but no guarantee.
My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Fernando, Mainland Diesels, Norman, Porter, Samson, Timothy, Whiff, Hiro, Winston, and Green Salty.
My wishlist for N Scale: Henry, Edward, Spencer, Flying Scotsman, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Sidney, 'Arry and Bert.


As stated earlier, with the 2023 announcements right around the corner, I wanted to post some thoughts on what I would love to see announced.

HO Scale

The 2022 HO engine announcements were very surprising. In January, we welcomed the reintroduction of Salty, which was very nice, given the number of fans who missed out on this great model before it was discontinued. Then in the summer, Beau and Rebecca were announced. This must be one of the most bizarre and controversial announcements I have ever seen for the Thomas line. Nevertheless, one positive takeaway from it is that the announcement of Rebecca as a new tooling proves that Bachmann can announce tender engines with new tooling for the Thomas line for the future.


Hence, I think that everyone can agree that Hiro would be an excellent candidate. He has an exquisite design and has been in the show since 2009, the very start of CGI. Given this fact, Mattel would approve Hiro and let's not forget that Japanese Thomas fans, who are a major part of the Thomas market, would eat this up.


However, if Bachmann wanted the next engine to be smaller, but also appeal to fans young and old, Stanley, Whiff, or Harvey would be the way to go. All have been in the show for over decade, so there is surely a nostalgic connection for older fans, and they have appeared in CGI, so young fans would be familiar with them. I'd certainly buy any of these.


For this year though, with Rebecca now at stake, I would more so expect an engine that reuses existing tooling. Sidney is the character that comes right to mind. While he is a Class 08 like Diesel and Paxton, he is dark blue, which is a paint scheme that has not been seen on any of the previously announced HO engines. I would not mind buying Sidney either.

Moving onto rolling stock, the first product suggestion that should be considered is another long flat wagon variant. The long flat wagon with logs has consistently been a hot seller, and most fans are interested in this product because of the flat wagon tooling. Therefore, announcing it with a new load such as pipes or fuel drums, or even reintroducing the original with paint drums would be great way to get this specific flat wagon out more.

Gordon's Special Coaches are pieces that I would love to see produced. I always liked the dark blue paint scheme of these coaches and the episode in which these are featured is a fun one.

Finally, I think that the circus train would be appropriate for the future. These colorful pieces are eye-catching and would add a bit of festivity to anyone's collection. What's more, Bachmann could make several van variants, a cattle wagon, and even an additional exclusive flat wagon with load.

As for non-rail vehicles, I would love to see Sir Topham Hatt's Blue Car. The iconic blue car has been in the show since the very beginning, and it would be a nice piece to go with the upcoming HO Scale Figure Packs too.

Speaking of HO Figure Packs, I would love to see more of these, especially a pack that includes exclusive characters such as Alicia Botti and the Mayor of Sodor.

In terms of buildings, I think it would be a good idea to bring back Knapford Station. Just like Tidmouth Sheds, many Thomas modelers missed out on this before discontinuation, and I have seen some sold for insane prices on eBay.


As for narrow gauge, all l can really predict for now is Duncan. However, with Sir Handel in the works as well as several new pieces of rolling stock, I wouldn't be surprised if there are no new narrow gauge announcements for 2023.

N Scale

Last summer, there was zero doubt that the best product announced was the N Scale Gordon. It is going to be incredible to see his side rod configuration at that scale, and this confirms that larger engines are feasible in N scale.


As a result, I absolutely think that Henry would be the best candidate for the next engine announcement. Sharing the same wheel configuration as Gordon and as another member of the main cast, he would be yet another winner.

To go along with the bigger engines, express coaches would be great, especially Gordon's Green Express Coaches.

For freight, a box van would be excellent as well. The Great Western, Fruit & Vegetable, Explosives, Brendam Bay, Mr. Jolly's, and Ice Cream Vans are all variants that I would love to see join the line in the future.

Large Scale

I am not sure as to where the Large Scale line will go from here. One product that I could see happening is the LBSC Thomas, given that it is a recolor and seems to be quite a popular request amongst fans.

As for rolling stock, perhaps some circus vans or a new troublesome truck could join the line?

As always. I want to give a huge thank you to Bachmann Industries for producing such wonderful Thomas products and I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts.
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Here is My Bachmann Wish list

This List is in Terms of what's actually feasible by Bachmann, so while I would Love to see Stepney, Boco, or the classic Breakdown train, they all probably would be shadowed by modern stuff. It's not to say they're Impossible, I just think including them here would be a little redundant.

I should also point out that this is a wish list, and not a prediction list for 2023.


Harvey is a character I have Been Pushing for since last year. He is considered a "Classic series" Character, and has appeared in the CGI series. His design may be hard to work around, Especially if the crane arm will have some sort of functionality, but I feel Bachmann can make anything work. (I would also recommend getting rid of the Moving Eye Mechanism)

Diesel 10

Again Diesel 10 has appeared in both the model era and the CGI era. He is a very marketable character that always sells well in any range. Again, the claw might bring some Issues, However I just want it to be


Whiff is a Character I would want to see not only because I think he's a fun character, but his Basis has never been produced in HO/OO scale.


Hiro is one of the best CGI characters ever, and by Bachmann producing Rebecca soon, that proves that bachmann is capable of doing more large tender engines. Hiro is also still relavent in the reboot surprisingly, And I would pay $200 for Hiro over Rebecca any day.


This may be a Questionable Choice. But I love Merlin's character and basis. He's also a very moderate size tender engine, with a simple design that I feel makes him easy to produce.

Moving on to rolling stock,


Rocky is a Character that I am surprised has not been talked about more. In Fact, I'm surprised Bachmann hasn't tried to produce a break down crane of any sort yet. Rocky has not only appeared in both era's of the show, but he has an appealing color scheme, and would sell very well. 

The Works Unit Coach

This would be a fun piece of rolling stock to add, and also could come in green and orange.

Tar Tanker Reintroduction (Troublesome truck #7)

I think lots of people were disappointed with Troublesome Truck #6 being based on the BWBA movie. However, as Bachmann shown with Troublesome Truck #5 and the spiteful breakvan, they are still willing to do rolling stock with classic era faces. Not only would I want to see the Tar Tankers reintroduced, They could also kill two birds in one stone by making it a troublesome tanker. Not only that, the tar tankers have been seen in the CGI series with a face.

Flat car or open Wagon With Pipes

I do think a Flat car with pipes is more likely (as on the one used for the logging car), however I also thought that the open wagons with pipes (as seen in Edward Strikes Out) would also work quite nicely. (would also go good with Rocky)

1-Plank wagon with Sir Topham Hatt's car

Sir Topham Hatt's car is a good Idea on it's own, however I think to Sweeten the deal it should be on a One plank wagon, a reference to Thomas and the Runaway Car, or Charlie and Eddie.


Similarly, Can't go Wrong with Trevor.

Now for Large Scale, there's only one thing I want.

Large Scale Edward

Bachmann Haven't done many Characters for G scale, obviously for price reasons. However, Edward is a similar size to James, and is a classic character. He is the last thing Large scale Truly needs.


I think it's safe to say that if a character has not appeared in the CGI episodes/specials, the odds of them being made are basically 0. Any hopes for Stepney and BoCo might as well be dead in the water, lest Mattel change their tune in the near future. Seems strange that they won't give Bachmann any leniency after years, and years, and years of demand from the fans, and guaranteed revenue from how the Hornby Stepney sold both in its living and post-market days.

That said, Rebecca before Hiro is a decision that got a raised brow out of me, especially after years of assumptions that there was a stipulation against large tender engines. I feel like the demand for Hiro has been consistently far greater than Rebecca, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a decision more pressed by Mattel.

Still shocked we haven't seen Sidney or the Mainland Diesels made yet, those seem like easy ones to crank out.

Besides model-era characters, Hiro, and any diesel shunters, I feel like "what's next" could literally be any engine picked by throwing a dart at a board.

Same with rolling stock; in years past, I've created mock-ups for potential products such as these:

And still today, I uphold the belief that if it's not a new tooling, the odds of a piece of rolling stock being made are low. The Mai Coach and Flatbed these days feel like exceptions, rather than the norm, unfortunately. Which at that point, basically any livery or logo is possible on a piece of rolling stock. Skys the limit.

It would be nice to see them make a new tooling based on something unique to Thomas, such as the Lynton and Barnstaple rolling stock or the Works Unit, but my hopes are just too low these days.