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August 02, 2021, 10:03:08 PM
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Author Topic: Future suggestions/predictions thread  (Read 1520 times)

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« on: July 15, 2021, 11:01:36 PM »

I've been sitting on this idea a lot lately, and instead of making a thread for every Toy Fair/NMRA show, I figured it would be better to kill two birds with one stone to just make one thread where fans can share their thoughts or ideas for future product announcements in just one thread.  And similar to the Everything Thomas topic, once the thread would be removed due to excess responses someone can start a new one and go from there, kind of like the old days.  

Anyway, everyone knows the drill by this point so I'm just going to do a share my list from earlier with a couple of changes after the NMRA announcements last week and everyone else can join in and discuss:

Salty Reintroduction - Honestly, I think that this is going to be their next "new" engine announcement in HO.  The demand for Salty to come back is about as high, if not higher than Gordon's express coaches and he seems to be selling at high prices for eBay, warranting him to be reconsidered for the HO line. 

Normally I'd mention Stepney as the new engine tooling announcement but I have a feeling with Daisy taking a while to get out and Ryan still in production, I could see HO taking a breather for new engine announcements.  

Jamesí express coaches:

For the next set of rolling stock in HO I think it would be wise if Bachmann brought their red express coaches back.  Similar to the reintroduction of Gordonís express coaches, the red express coaches would also need an updated paint job.  In addition, if Bachmann wants to label them as a new products, then Iím going to vouch for them to be called Jamesí express coach and Jamesí express brake coach since they were not only the names Hornby called them but it may also help these coaches be more marketable.  James was often seen pulling these in both the model and CGI series too.  

Narrow gauge:
Sir Handel:

New open wagon:

I already talked about both of these here, if you want reasons why all Iím for these:

The only new thing I'll say about Sir Handel is that he is really the only new engine tooling I could see happening next year depending on how production is going with Peter Sam.  Either way, the narrow gauge range is long overdue for a new engine tooling announcement, and here's hoping that Sir Handel will be picked next.  Even if he was the only announcement in narrow gauge next year with no rolling stock included (including the new wagons I suggested), it would still make a lot of people very, very happy.  

N scale:
Again, kind of like HO/OO I can see Bachmann taking a breather from giving the N scale range a new engine.  That, and I feel the N scale range really needs to focus a lot more on rolling stock before even considering a new engine since S.C. Ruffey was the only piece of N scale rolling stock that was announced this year.  I did a post on N scale rolling stock stock earlier, so feel free to take a look at that as well:

Here's hoping we can see some of these find their way into the range next year.  

For large scale, itís really hard to say and I donít collect the range so Iíll keep it brief.  Theyíve been going for recolors as of late in addition to new toolings that offer recolor options.  I donít collect the range but my moneys on LBSC Thomas and Origin James models for the next engine announcements.  The red coaches got announced this year at the NMRA and we are getting some wagon recolors too, so I can see large scale taking a break from rolling stock announcements next year too.
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« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2021, 03:42:27 PM »

I think it's a good idea to have all future predictions in one thread, so we don't have to make a new one after every single Toy Fair and NMRA anymore.

It's taking Bachmann two years just to finally get Daisy out there, and it might be the case for Ryan. We may not get a new engine announcement early in the year, but if we do, we could get a recolor like Sidney or Green Salty for HO Scale. As for rolling stock, Bachmann can bring the Explosives Van, Chocolate Syrup and Toffee tankers to HO Scale, as well as reintroducing the Red Express Coaches.

We may or may not get a new engine announcement for N Scale, but if we do, we're hoping the next engine would be Edward. James is getting released sometime soon, and we may see Toby unpainted by the end of this year. For rolling stock, we really need the Milk Tanker, and Henrietta to go with Toby. The latter seems much more likely in N Scale than Large Scale. We should also get the Red Open Wagon, Coal Wagon with Load, and a Brake Van.

I still don't collect Narrow Gauge yet, but they should finally announce Sir Handel, as well as making a new Open Wagon. Maybe the Green Carriage, and a Brown Brake Van.

I don't collect Large Scale either, but if they're wanting to do recolors, LBSC Thomas and Origin James are the way to go.

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, Porter, and Timothy.
My wishlist for N Scale: Gordon, Henry, Edward, and Diesel.

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« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2021, 10:12:15 PM »

I definitely support the idea of this thread! Iíve outlined almost everything that Iíd love to see join the Bachmann Thomas line in the coming years below:

HO Scale:

James with DCC Sound & Board
With the announcement of the HO Thomas & Percy with DCC Sound on Board, it would be great to see James added to this exclusive line-up. Yet, as others have stated, if Bachmann wanted to see how Thomas & Percy do with sales first, thatís understandable. Either way, this product would be more than welcome!

Stepney the Bluebell Engine

In terms of new toolings, Stepney has consistently been the number one engine who I have wanted to see next in HO Scale for a wide range of reasons. See my post on Stepney here:,36975.msg272407.html#msg272407

BoCo the Diesel Engine

As expressed in the BoCo or Diesel 10 thread, BoCo would be a natural addition, blending in wonderfully with many of the engines Bachmann had made in the past, especially Gordon, Edward, Bill, Ben and Duck. Along with Stepney, he is one of the few classic engines that Bachmann has not made. Furthermore, seeing that the upcoming Daisy model is retailing for $149, I think that BoCo could be financially feasible.

Diesel 10

If the licensor still wants to push for engines from the computer generated era of the television series, even with the upcoming 2D reboot, then Diesel 10 would be good choice. The claw does raise some concerns in terms of pricing, scaling, and design. However, Iím sure that fans across the board would be happy to see a Diesel 10 model, as a character who appeared in both the model era and computer generated era of the television series.

Harvey the Crane Engine

The other engine who appeared in both the model era and computer generated era of the television series that I would love to see is Harvey. As a crane engine, he would be a very unique engine. I could see Bachmann constructing him as a small tank engine, and then using the Bachmann Cranky as a reference when constructing the crane. All in all, I would purchase this one in a heartbeat, and I know that many other Thomas fans would too.


Although I do not care for most characters from the computer generated era of the television series, I will admit that I would be very interested in an HO Winston, given its unique small size and design. Plus, when seeing what Bachmann has accomplished with very small models in the recent years such as the HO Narrow Gauge Rusty, N Scale Thomas, and N Scale Percy models as well as small models outside the Thomas line such as the Gandy Dancer, I am optimistic that an HO Winston could be a possibility for the future.

As Chaz also stated, I donít expect a newly-tooled HO engine to join the line next year, but those are the five that I would love to see for the future, nonetheless.

Troublesome Truck #7
Ever since the announcement of Troublesome Truck #3 in 2010, there seemed to be a three year trend on the announcements of Troublesome Trucks (#4 in 2013, #5 in 2016, #6 in 2019). Thus, given that next year is 2022, I think that Troublesome Truck #7 could be a possibility!

Many fans were displeased with the choice of the last troublesome truck, as an African Tanker is not what was hoped for. For Troublesome Truck #7, fans would be much happier with an angry ventilated van, as seen in "The Spotless Record", or the tanker that was seen in the new motorized ďPercy and the TankerĒ pack, mainly because it consists of an iconic model series face.

Long Flat Wagon with New Load

Considering that the logging flat wagon with logs has done very well with sales, I think that it would make sense to announce at least one more long flat wagon with a new load. Pipes, iron girders, and oil drums would work very nicely, as some examples.

Red Express Coaches

Ever since Gordonís Express Coaches were reintroduced to the line, many fans have wanted to see the red express coaches return with the added yellow stripe. I also agree with those who have stated that it would be extra interesting to see the coaches titled as ďJamesí Composite CoachĒ & ďJamesí Express Brake Coach.Ē

Gordon's Special Coaches

On the topic of express coaches, I would also love to see Gordon's Special Coaches, due to the appealing dark blue paint scheme.

Explosives Van

Out of all the large scale rolling stock that has not been made in HO Scale, the Explosives Van is the one I would really like to see brought to the smaller scale, as it reminds me of the vans from ďThomas and the Firework Display.Ē On that note, if Bachmann wanted to change the design somewhat to match the vans from that episode, just as the designs of the HO and Large Scale Water Tankers differ slightly, that would be fascinating to see! Either way, I would definitely pick up more than one of these vans.

The Circus Train

Finally, I think that it would be very cool to see Bachman tackle the circus train. Consisting of vans, flat wagons, and a cattle wagon, these colorful wagons would add a nice level of festivity to any HO collection or layout.

HO Narrow Gauge:

Sir Handel

I have zero doubt that Sir Handel will be Bachmannís next narrow gauge engine with new tooling. Chaz already made a great in-depth post on him, so be sure to check it out!

Open Wagon (New Tooling)

As far as narrow gauge rolling stock is concerned, Iíd love to see a new open wagon tooling. Chaz also expressed thoughts on this that I am completely on board with.

Green Open Carriage

Considering that the red and blue narrow gauge coaches turned out to be stunning products, the one other piece of narrow gauge rolling stock that Iíd love to see Bachmann tackle in the future is the green open carriage. It is one of my favorites!

Resin Buildings
At this point, I unfortunately consider new resin building additions to be wishful thinking. Even so, I pasted a link to the post stating what buildings I would love to see enter the line for the future, nevertheless:,34707.0.html

N Scale:

With N Scale still in its early years, there are too many products to list that Iíd like to see. Thus, I will stick with what I would love to see for just next year.

Gordon the Big Express Engine

With four engines currently announced for the N scale line, I think it would be excellent to see Bachmann tackle one of the larger tender engines next, and I could see no better tender engine to announce next than Gordon. He would easily be an extremely hot seller- no doubt about that, and I could see Bachmann scaling down the HO model when making it, with the computer generated face as the one main difference.

Edward the Blue Engine

If big tender engines such as Gordon are too expensive or complicated to produce, Edward is definitely the engine I would love to see next, as a Plan B. His HO model is one of the best models in the Thomas line, and it would be wonderful to see how that model translates to N Scale.

Gordonís Express Coaches

If Gordon were to be announced, it would definitely make sense to announce his express coaches. They are iconic pieces and would look very impressive behind Gordon at this scale.

Coal Wagon w/ Load, Tidmouth Milk Tanker, and Spiteful Brake Van

These are the three pieces I would love to see announced next as a Plan B, with Gordonís Express Coaches as Plan A.

Large Scale:

LBSC 70 Thomas & Origin James

Ever since the announcement of LBSC-70 Thomas & Origin James in HO, Iíve seen numerous fans state that they would like to see them made in large scale.

Tobyís Museum Coaches

With the red branch line coaches finally announced for large scale, I think that Tobyís Museum Coaches are a given for the future, as they are recolors. Yet, they would be welcome additions, nonetheless.
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Dreaming of a Bachmann Stepney.
Falcon the 2nd

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« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2021, 04:25:56 PM »

The idea of a central thread for future hopes does sound good, and I'd love to partake in it by sharing a handful of options I personally hope to see in the near future with brief summaries of reasoning attached. Most of the contents are those that have already been frequently demanded by fans in recent years.

  • Stepney - An iconic engine who has a reasonable size and fair levels of detail, as well as one of the few remaining Season 1-5 engines in HO Scale.
  • Glynn - Taking into account Terence's point with Winston about small models being accomplished overtime, I feel that Glynn has at least some chance of being made. He would be cool to see in the future, and he would also be very much complementary with LBSC 70 Thomas and Origins James.
Like the others said, I don't think we will see a new engine introduced next year, but it would be nice to have either of the two mentioned.
  • Tar Tanker reintroduction - An iconic tanker and easy recolor which has regularly appeared in past merchandise ranges.
  • James'/Red Express Coaches reintroduction - Iconic coaches and easy recolors that can compliment the latest James revision.
  • Judy and Jerome - I've always been puzzled as to why the Breakdown Train has never been made in HO Scale. Since Diesel 10 and Harvey have become frequent suggestions, Rocky would likely be too expensive to produce, and Ryan, Daisy and Origin James are being produced, I think Judy and Jerome would be worth looking into at some point. They would both be very profitable and unique options for new HO Scale rolling stock. Like Harvey, Cranky's mechanism could be used as a reference point.

  • Sir Handel - An iconic engine who is frequently demanded by fans and complementary to all Narrow Gauge engines released so far. I don't own any Narrow Gauge engines yet, but I would love to have Sir Handel by my first since he is my favorite of the bunch.
  • Green Open Carriage - Like Terence said, this is an aesthetically pleasing product that would be interesting to see eventually produced.

Much like Terence, there's quite a bit I hope to see for this scale. I'll stick to what feels the most financially likely within the next year's length.
  • Edward - A beloved engine who is similar in physique to James and can help make N Scale distinct from Large Scale. He would also be much cheaper to produce in N Scale. If he were announced, I would absolutely reserve him immediately.
  • Tidmouth Milk Tanker - An iconic tanker and easy recolor which has regularly appeared in past merchandise ranges.
  • Coal Wagon w/Load - With wagons having a lot of potential for recolors, I think this would be the best one to produce after S.C. Ruffey eventually releases.
  • Red Coaches - Iconic coaches and fairly easy, profitable retoolings/recolors that have previously appeared in HO and will also be made in Large Scale.
  • Henrietta - An iconic coach who would be complementary to Toby and can help make N Scale distinct from Large Scale. She would also cheaper to produce in N Scale. If she were made, I would imagine her having a GCI face unlike the HO Scale version.
  • Brake Van (normal) - I personally think it is too early for this particular range to introduce too much gimmicky rolling stock, so it would probably be best to introduce a normal Brake Van before the Spiteful version. Graham Farish's tooling can be reused.

  • LBSC 70 Thomas & Origins James - Probably the likeliest options for a new engine(s) in the foreseeable future. They're both iconic recolors and cost-effective options for a new engine without committing to a new tooling.
  • Mavis - I would love to own a Large Scale version of Mavis, as long as they base her off the HO Scale model and avoid using the tacky headlamp from her last appearances. She's probably the most cost-effective option for a new tooling since Toby's chassis can be reused and her geometry is fairly simple.
  • Toby's Museum Coaches - Like Terence said, these feel pretty likely and would be welcome additions.
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HO Scale - Stepney, Tar Tanker
Narrow Gauge - Sir Handel
N Scale - Edward, Mavis, Henrietta, Milk Tanker, Brake Van
Kemptown Branch

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« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2021, 05:27:23 PM »

This is a great idea!

I honestly am not sure what direction HO Scale will take from now on, as I don't see much that they haven't done. I would like to see Stepney and BoCo, but, like everyone else, I don't expect them next year.

 I've already gone into depth about what I'd like to see in N Scale:,35036.msg277513.html#msg277513 so my thoughts will be brief. I 100% agree with TerencetheTractor525's ideas on the next rolling stock, those are probably the things the range is missing the most at the moment.

I would like to talk a bit more about narrow gauge, however.

I think that Sir Handel is the best choice for next engine.

He completes engines 1-5, and has the best render of the two classic characters left. I also really like him from a design standpoint, and think he would sell really well, just like Skarloey and Rheneas.

After Sir Handel, I believe there are two options for the next narrow gauge engine:

I feel like both Duncan and Luke have a great chance of being after Sir Handel. Duncan is a classic character (and one a lot of people love), but he doesn't really have a great render, and after how Rusty turned out, Duncan could be a turn-off for a lot of people if he matches his render. On the other hand, Luke has a great render, which matches the other engines' renders pretty well as far as detailing. As far as I know, Luke was also one of the more successful newbies as well, especially with Season 17, although I don't know how that would translate to sales, considering he's a CGI only character. He would also go great with Yellow Rheneas. To sum up, I think both are good characters to consider. I know that I would probably buy both, but both are gambles in their own right (Duncan's awful render/Luke's Miller-era debut).

With that, I have a question for you guys. If you knew for certain that Duncan would match his CGI render if he were made, would you prefer him over Luke, or would that be a deal breaker on a Duncan model?

Rolling Stock
As far as rolling stock goes, there are only a few things that I personally would want to see. First off, I think new, more accurate open wagons would be a great choice! I'm hoping that, if they do make new open wagons, they'll do what they did with the carriages, and release two different toolings. One for the Brown Open Wagon, as they were more common in Series 4, and the one that Chaz suggested, because that was also in series 4 (both can be seen in Skarloey's train). I feel like both would be nice as well, because Bachmann has had a fair focus on the classic series stuff alongside CGI stuff.

I also think that, for the Brown Brakevan to really make sense as a future release, having something that would fit with it's colors would make more sense than it by itself.

Another item of rolling stock I would like to see are the Blue Mountain Quarry trucks, fitting the slate theme, and with Yellow Rheneas and Luke (if he's announced).

If they were released, I'd hope that they would be in the darker variants of the green and red liveries. One plus is that they also have a real-life basis!

If all of these rolling stock options were released over the next few years, I would definitely look into purchasing 2-3 of each item.

I think that everyone's suggestions for the large scale stock are great.
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Bachmann trains are awesome. I hope they come out with Stepney one day.

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« Reply #5 on: July 20, 2021, 12:33:06 AM »

It's really nice seeing everyone agree that Sir Handel should be the next narrow gauge engine picked next.  Here's hoping he finds his way in the 2022 announcements, since I feel his announcement is long overdue. 

With that, I have a question for you guys. If you knew for certain that Duncan would match his CGI render if he were made, would you prefer him over Luke, or would that be a deal breaker on a Duncan model?

I feel that from a logical standpoint, Duncan would make a lot more sense than Luke since Bachmann's proven to already have a good track record of giving classic characters priority over newer ones, similar to how Oliver was announced before newer engines like Ryan and Rosie.  So on that same level I think it's almost a given that Sir Handel and Duncan would both be announced before Luke or any of the other newer narrow gauge engine characters get considered. 

But to answer your question more directly, as much as I like Duncan more as a character, his CG render would be a deal-breaker for me, as I'm sure is the case for many others.  While I personally wouldn't be as interested in Luke, I could see him selling better than Duncan since his design looks a lot more appealing for OO9 modelers and Thomas fans and I'd find myself purchasing a model of Luke sooner than a model of Duncan in his CG render. 

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« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2021, 01:02:20 AM »

Duncan would be a major deal-breaker if he was made based on his infamous CGI render, and would not sell well at all. Once Duncan eventually does get announced, Bachmann must base Duncan off his basis, Douglas.

Also for the HO Scale range, I brought up Samson and Bradford in another thread. Samson is a small and simple CGI character who had several episodes dedicated to him. Bachmann UK has the tooling for Bradford, like they did for Toad. It would make sense for Samson and Bradford to be announced together because Bradford is Samson's companion. Other CGI character suggestions I previously mentioned (who aren't too big or detailed) include Timothy, Norman, and Porter. With Ryan currently in the works, I don't expect a new tooling announced for the HO Scale range next year, but we could get a recolor like Sidney or Green Salty. With enough popular demand, Salty could be reintroduced.

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, Porter, and Timothy.
My wishlist for N Scale: Gordon, Henry, Edward, and Diesel.

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« Reply #7 on: July 20, 2021, 01:31:02 AM »

I could definitely see Salty being reintroduced next year and Bachmann would just use that as their ďnewĒ engine announcement in 2022 (as much of a copout as that sounds).  If they go down that route, then I think a shoe-in for the next HO engine tooling the following year would be Porter to go along with Salty similar to why Ryan was picked to go with Daisy.

That and I feel as far as CG era engines go, Porter would make the most sense since heís been used regularly in the CGI series after his introduction and thus would make him all the more iconic making him have decent sales like Ryan.  That and admittedly I donít see Samson being nearly as popular or well received as Ryan or Porter if Iím being totally honest.

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« Reply #8 on: July 20, 2021, 06:30:12 AM »

I can definitely see Bachmann taking a bit of a break new tooling wise for HO in 2022 with both Daisy and Ryan coming out using new tooling and of course Origins James. It would be nice to see Salty reintroduced into the line. As long as there's no more gimmicky recolours like busy bee James. I'd rather have a quite year with a few recolours for rolling stock  then more items like that.
The red express coaches would be nice to see again as would the special blue coaches.
I do have alot of detailed thoughts regarding the rest of the range.
Sir Handel

I think its safe to say Sir Handel should be the next engine. Personally I still want Duncan (CGI render or not, I don't care) I'm about what I can do with the model not what it looks like. As a story teller there's alot of metirial there for Duncan but either I am fine with. He also would complete the four little engines fleet.


If Bachmann want another easy recolour Smudger Is definitely the way to go. Even though I have big plans for Yellow Rheneas I know alot of people don't share that view of the first recolour in the NG engine range. Smudger would add a new character to the fleet and a simple recolour for Bachmann to produce during their bust periods whole working on other items like Sir Handel or Duncan.

Green coaches

The Green coaches would be a welcome edition to the range. They were seen all throughout the model era and would look nice along side the other two coaches in the range.

Troublesome trucks

Now this is something I have wanted for along time. Some Troublesome trucks in the NG range. Theres two designs that stand out to me (both based off series 4) A slate truck and an open wagon. With Bachmann redoing their box vans it would be nice if they redid their open wagon and adding a face just makes it all the more appealing. Same with the slate trucks. I know alot of us were disappointed when Bachmann released their slate trucks (based off the real ones on the Talyllyn railway). While I do appreciate they are accurate to the real life bases, they aren't accurate to the TV series but making a Troublesome slate truck would be the best of both worlds. A new TV series accurate model. The original slate trucks being available for those who want to make layouts based on the RWS or the Talyllyn railway. Plus people would buy multiple units of both Troublesome trucks similar to how we do with the HO Troublesome trucks.

Lastly for NG and this one is a bit out there.
The Refreshment Tea Room

This appeared in season 7 in the episode The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop. Which stars Peter Sam (who is due out very soon). This maybe one of those "gimmicky merchandise items" to some but this is what happens when it's done right. This would be a really fun edition to anyone's layout and collection. It would be prefect to display with Peter Sam and train shows and add a bit variety into the range.
Yes I'd still like the Brown breakvan and maybe a Blue Mountain quarry truck but theres not alot more I can add on those.

I now want to touch upon N scale.
Engine wise. I see either Gordon or Emily being the next engine they make. Both are strong characters in the show and part of the "Steam team" so it makes sense to produce one of these two next. Emily would complete the three scales like Thomas, Percy, Toby and James have being in HO, Large and N Scale however I know she will be a bit harder to make but I do think it's a question of when she's made and not if. I think its inevitable she will make it into the N scale range same a Gordon. As for rolling stock I haven't got anything really to add. Maybe a spiteful breakvan since he has become a popular selling point in both HO and Large scale.

As for Large scale as per Emily I think its a question of when LBSC Thomas gets made and not if. Also I think now Diesel and Paxton have been made in Large Scale its highly likely Iron 'arry and Bert will make their way into the range. If there was some new tooling available to be made, personally I'd love Bill and Ben. A great two for one on tooling. They are small and would be a great addition to the large scale range.

Personally I think the February announcement in 2022 will be fairly small given all the items we are still waiting to be released however I do think 2022 will hold alot of great things for the range as a whole, a few surprises and alot of things to keep us fans happy.


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« Reply #9 on: July 20, 2021, 09:54:02 AM »


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« Reply #10 on: July 20, 2021, 04:14:15 PM »

Salty being reintroduced to the HO Scale range would be Bachmann's perfect opportunity to announce Porter. Out of the CGI characters I mentioned, Porter would be the best choice, especially for when Salty does get reintroduced.

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, Porter, and Timothy.
My wishlist for N Scale: Gordon, Henry, Edward, and Diesel.

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« Reply #11 on: July 21, 2021, 07:30:50 PM »

If Bachmann does another diesel shunter that isn't a 08, the ones I think would work are Den, Dart, Dennis and Norman.

Since everyone is talking about smaller engines, that made me thinking on how Bachmann can do Den and Dart, as they are a very unique design. Plus Hornby only ever did Dart, and I don't think it was accurate to how he was in the show. Plus that would one way closer to get all of the diesels from "Day of the Diesels" being completed in the line.

The other diesel shunter I would like to see if Dennis, as like most people said, there hasn't been a legit HO/OO model on the BR 11001 so far, and I think Bachmann could take this advantage to make it. As for why I said Dennis instead of Norman is because of the face. Remember when Paxton was made in the line a few years ago? The problem is that he has a smaller face compare to Diesel, and because of it Bachmann kinda had to make the face larger as they only made the tooling for Diesel as Paxton and Sidney didn't existed yet (which is what I fear if they did Sidney next as it be botched like with Paxton). If Bachmann did Norman first instead of Dennis, it would be a repeat of the Paxton problem. The only way they can get around this is if Bachmann made both Norman and Dennis at the same time (like when they made the large scale Diesel and Paxton) and they can figure out how to make the same tooling fit for both engines without making the smaller face being out of scale.
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Armada Starscream

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« Reply #12 on: July 24, 2021, 02:07:19 AM »

I agree with several, if not all of the HO Engine Suggestions and Rolling stock suggestions, particularly Judy and Jerome, and Gordon's Special Coaches. Like I've said before, I hope they release both a Gordon's Special Composite Coach and a Gordon's Special Brake Coach.

Some new ideas I would like to bring to the table include:

A recolored Black/Dark Grey Brake Van, similar to the Brake Vans that were used frequently through the Model Series. This works especially given that there is currently no generic Thomas brake van available, with both Toad and the Spiteful Brakevan being individual characters.

Given that Bachmann's last rolling stock with a new tooling was Toad back in 2016, I think it is about time they added a new tolling of rolling stock. I would recommend the Old Coaches from Series 1.

They are popular rolling stock, and I have seen many, if not most, custom modelers make their own customs of these coaches, so Bachmann should really consider making these coaches to capitalize on this. Especially since demand for classic Thomas Rolling stock is now greater than ever, with the reboot and all.

There are 3 Coaches, as seen here:

The regular Composite Coach:

The First-Class Composite Coach with a Stripe:

and the Brake Coach:

Seen together in these images:

They could be released as Old Coach 1, Old Coach 2, and Old Coach 3!

Personally, I would definitely buy all 3 if they came out, given how much I love these classic Rolling Stock!

And there have been only two pieces of merchandise of them in the past, ERTL and Bandai TECS, that have been discontinued for over a decade. This could give Bachmann the opportunity to release the only current merchandise of these coaches.

If they wish to recolor them in the future, they could also make this Red/Brown version:

Or these Teak Coaches that were seen in Edward and Gordon, and which were painted on one side of the TV Series Old Coach models, hence why they were often shuffled around, to hide this Teak Livery. The Teak Coaches could also appeal to Non-Thomas Modelers as well

Personally, despite these minute appearances of these variants, I would get them as well. I really love the Old Coaches!

So please at least consider them Bachmann?
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BGM Reviews

Hoping for Bachmann Sir Handel.

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Harvey the Crane Engine

The other engine who appeared in both the model era and computer generated era of the television series that I would love to see is Harvey. As a crane engine, he would be a very unique engine. I could see Bachmann constructing him as a small tank engine, and then using the Bachmann Cranky as a reference when constructing the crane. All in all, I would purchase this one in a heartbeat, and I know that many other Thomas fans would too.

I wanted to focus in on the mention of Harvey.  He's a character I'd love to see Bachmann do!  While not my first choice for a new tooling in the next few years, he would still be a welcome addition and I haven't seen too many people mention him in the past.  I think all the ideas presented in the posts on this thread are great, and I hope in future we see all of them!  After Sir Handel and Stepney, and I think Harvey should be up on Bachmann's list of potential new tooling for 2022 or 2023.

But if I could add another engine I'd like to see it would be Stanley.
Stanley has recently gained more of a following and his unique paint scheme would make him another excellent choice for Bachmann.

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I can't even remember the last time Bachmann did a new rolling stock tooling for HO Scale. Toad technically wasn't one because Bachmann recycled a UK tooling for him. If there was to be a new rolling stock tooling for the HO Scale range, the Old Coaches would be nice, even though they only appeared in Season 1. With the infamous reboot coming soon, the demand for classic series rolling stock (and of course, engines) is higher than ever.

I would love to see the Old Coaches get made, despite only appearing in Season 1. It's been such a long time since Bachmann made a new HO Scale rolling stock tooling.

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, Porter, and Timothy.
My wishlist for N Scale: Gordon, Henry, Edward, and Diesel.
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