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Started by Chaz, July 15, 2021, 11:01:36 PM

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I would just love to see an N scale Edward, Henry, Mavis, Duck, Oliver. Hannah would also be cool.


Happy New Year everyone! Given that we are about a month away from seeing the 2024 catalog, here's a list of the products that I am hoping to see announced for 2024 or 2025.

HO Scale


Arry & Bert Reintroduction
In the past several months, the reintroduction of Arry & Bert has been a very popular request amongst fans, both through social media platforms and in-person conversations. Like Salty and other discontinued products, these go for outrageous prices on eBay these days, and would thus be welcome returnees to the line. However, the one change I would make is to alter the facial expression of at least one of the two diesels, just to differentiate them more.


As stated last year, I think that everyone can agree that Hiro would be an excellent candidate for the future. His exquisite design and legacy in the show since 2009, the very start of CGI, are two of many factors that support this. Let's not forget that the Japanese Thomas fans would eat this up too.


As the final engine appearing in both the model and CGI series that does not feature gimmicks that could potentially breach the NMRA Standards, Whiff would be an awesome candidate for all Thomas fans. While also the only engine to wear glasses, what's most interesting is that there is currently no ready to run model of his basis. Thus, I could see UK modelers purchasing Whiff for conversions.


Troublesome Truck #7
As stated in the 12 Ton Vans Thread, with the 12 Ton Van from large scale entering the HO line this year, a seventh troublesome truck with this tooling would be very nice to see. However, for this product to really capture the attention of all fans, I would highly encourage going with a model era face. I have pasted the specific faces I would love to see above, but any model era face would ultimately be appreciated.


Ice Cream Van Reintroduction
Also as stated in the 12 Ton Van Thread, this would be a very welcome reintroduction, especially considering that the large scale 12 Ton Van tooling is more accurate than the tooling that was used for the initial HO Ice Cream Wagon release.


Tar Tanker Reintroduction
This is another popular request that I have seen, and with it appearing in the CGI series, as well as the model series, I am sure that all fans would greatly appreciate it.


Works Unit Coach
As far as new toolings are concerned, I think that the works unit coach would be the best option, given that it is an iconic piece that dates all the way back to Season 1. More importantly, several paint schemes have appeared in the CGI era (Olive Green, Orange, Indigo), all of which I'd love to see Bachmann produce.

HO Figure Packs
Without a doubt, I am still most excited about the upcoming HO Figure Packs, and it would be fantastic to see a few more additions to this line. I would specifically love to see a pack of memorable Sodor characters such as Alicia Botti and the Duke & Duchess, as well as a pack of the Sodor Brass Band.

HO Narrow Gauge


High Side Slate Wagons
While the slate wagons that are currently in the line are perfectly accurate to real-life slate wagons, it would be nice to see some larger ones that appeared in both the model and CGI series. Considering that they appeared in light gray, dark gray, and brown paint schemes in the CGI series (as shown in the pasted image above), I could see Bachmann announcing them in three paint schemes too.

N Scale

With the highly anticipated announcement of N Scale Gordon, which is currently the top Thomas preorder on TrainWorld, it definitely makes sense to announce Henry next.

Coal Wagon with Load
Red Open Wagon
Blue Open Wagon
Brake Van

For rolling stock, I think that there are currently more than enough coaches on the way. However, the line could certainly use some new freight cars, most notably some new open wagon variants as well as the brake van.

Large Scale

Edward or LBSC Thomas

The large scale line is still a mystery to me. However, looking through social media, the most popular large scale request still seems to be Edward, and I cannot deny that this would be a very eye-catching model for all Thomas fans. However, I am sure that fans would also be very happy with an LBSC Thomas, if it is preferred to produce a new engine without a new tooling at this scale.

Box Van- Funfair Red
Box Van- Funfair Blue
Box Van- Christmas Wreath

All in all, with the summer announcements consisting of much more than initially expected, let alone a newly-tooled engine announcement in every scale, minus large scale, I expect the catalog announcements to be relatively light. Nevertheless, I still have zero doubt that the future of the Bachmann Thomas line altogether is bright.
Dreaming of a Bachmann Stepney.


I do think whiff is a good idea but the only question is how would they do his glasses


Definitely some really solid suggestions, Terencethetractor525.  I definitely echo a lot of the same points that have been discussed earlier like 'Arry and Bert's reintroduction to the range and especially an N scale Henry announcement.  Hiro and the works unit coach would also be great followups to previously announced projects once released.  Hopefully the works unit coach can be considered once the 12 ton vans and the open carriage are released since there are a lot of repaint options for Bachmann to choose from.

The ice cream van being released as a 12 ton van is something I never thought of, but I think it's a really good idea considering how Bachmann did the same approach with the narrow gauge box vans.  The tar tanker would also make a nice re-introduction announcement as well.  They could even announce it alongside the toffee tanker and the chocolate syrup tanker, which strangely have still not been released in HO scale yet.

Probably the most interesting thing you brought up in your post, in addition to several other users recently, is Whiff.  Considering the recent introduction of Stanley into the range, in addition to other frequently used side characters like Rosie and Paxton, I feel like Whiff would be a very natural next step for Bachmann after Stanley.  Though, I'm not entirely sure how Bachmann would tackle the glasses on Whiff.  I feel like they would either mold the glasses on his face like how some previous merchandise lines have done with Whiff, or they would go the direction the prop from the show did and have the frames of Whiff's glasses attached to Whiff's face. 

I don't really have any comment on the large scale range at this point, considering they didn't announce anything last year and the Museum coaches are still not out yet, (strangely).  But hopefully they can get around to adding a new tooling again either with Edward, or at the very least Henrietta.  If not, I'd be very surprised if none of the 12 ton van liveries from last summer's HO announcements don't find their way in the large scale range this year.
Modeler of HO/OO, OO9 and N scale.  Hoping for N scale Henry, Edward and Duck.


I'm not expecting much (if anything) as far as newly tooled projects in the 2024 catalog. Bachmann certainly have their hands full with newly tooled items as it is already. So, this would be a perfect time to announce a reintroduction of Arry and Bert- seeing as their resale prices are insane. Different faces would be a good idea as well. This would also give a reason for those who already have the older versions to maybe pick up a rerelease.

I would absolutely love an LBSC Thomas and Origins James in large scale, and also N scale! These would be a great announcement for a 2025 release for the 80th anniversary!


If HO Scale doesn't get another new tooling, with Rebecca and Stanley already on the horizon, I'd fully expect recolors like Sidney or Green Salty, though the former is by far the most-requested one, as Sidney has yet to be made in any scale. If he can't happen in HO Scale because of the eye mechanism, he could instead be made for N Scale using the Diesel/Paxton tooling. Fernando is another character that can be recycled from Diesel's tooling. Another hot request for HO Scale as of late is reintroducing 'Arry and Bert, who could also potentially get made in N Scale. As for rolling stock, the Chocolate Syrup and Toffee Tankers still have yet to be made in HO Scale. The Ice Cream Van could also get reintroduced using the 12-Ton Van tooling. Troublesome Truck #7 could also be made using the 12-Ton Van tooling. For a new rolling stock tooling, we need the Works Unit Coach, which can be made in green, orange and blue. One newly-tooled engine for HO Scale that's been asked for lately is Whiff; the last engine that has yet to be announced for HO Scale that appeared in both model and CGI that doesn't feature gimmicks. If Whiff can't be announced in the catalog, he should definitely be announced for the NMRA.

I wouldn't expect anything for Narrow Gauge, considering we still have Sir Handel coming up, hoping we'll finally get a big update on him soon, and Duncan was recently announced.

For N Scale, it's time they announce Henry. His tooling would be very similar to Gordon's, but with some differences, including removing the trailing wheels, as well as a Stanier tender instead of a Fowler. Potential recolors would be LBSC Thomas and Origin James, which would be great for the 80th Anniversary next year, or recolors of Diesel's tooling being Sidney, 'Arry and Bert. It's been almost a year since Emily's unpainted prototype was shown, and she still hasn't been shown fully painted. What's with the delay on her? N Scale rolling stock desperately needs non-troublesome variants of the open wagon, including red, blue, and green coal wagons. Red Coaches would also be very welcome in N Scale.

LBSC Thomas and Origin James could even be made in Large Scale, in honor of the 80th Anniversary.
My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Fernando, Mainland Diesels, Norman, Porter, Samson, Timothy, Whiff, Hiro, Winston, and Green Salty.
My wishlist for N Scale: Henry, Edward, Spencer, Flying Scotsman, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Sidney, 'Arry and Bert.

Kemptown Branch

Nice to see everyone posting their last-minute predictions!

As far as HO goes, I'm not really sure what to expect next. We've got at least 2 new tooling projects for engines, rolling stock, and roadway vehicles already announced. Arry and Bert getting rereleased is an interesting suggestion, and I'm sure that Sidney would also be viable, although hopefully they'll be able to design an eye mechanism around the face, rather than the other way around. A rereleased Ice Cream Van is also something I could see them doing. Also, given the fact that Bachmann seem to be pretty quick with making the 12 ton van tooling (based on how quickly they got both the Large and N scale versions out), I could see them adding another rolling stock project. I agree with everyone else that the Works Unit Coach could be a good addition.

As for Narrow Gauge, I'm not really expecting any new tooling projects getting announced, considering there are 2 engines and 3 rolling stock projects in development. However, I could see them announcing Brown variants of the new Box and Brake Van toolings, since they would be relatively simple projects.

Quote from: TrainFan97 on January 10, 2024, 11:08:58 PMIt's been almost a year since Emily's unpainted prototype was shown, and she still hasn't been shown fully painted. What's with the delay on her?

In the last Thomas Tuesday stream, Doug said (near the end) that Emily's painted sample might be able to be shown in February, although he said it could end up being later than that.

Next, for N and Large Scale, I'll write somewhat more detailed predictions, outlining what I could see them doing for 2024 and 2025. I'll write a list first, then explain my thinking.

N Gauge
2024 Winter Announcements:
- Henry
- Red Open Wagon
- Green Open Wagon w/ Coal Load
- Grey 12 Ton Van

2024 Summer Announcements:
- Edward (maybe)
- Milk Tank (New Tooling)
- Tar Tank (Also the new tooling)

2025 Winter Announcements:
- Edward (if not announced in 2024)
- LBSC Thomas (80th Anniversary)
- 12 Ton Van (Christmas Wreath and Mr. Jolly's Chocolate)
- Cream Tanker & Rasberry Syrup Tanker

2025 Summer Announcements:
- Origins James
- Red Coaches or Red Express Coaches
- Brake Van

For the N gauge 2024 Winter Announcements, I fully expect that Henry will be the next new engine. Based on how the range has been released thus far, I think Bachmann might have somewhat of a pattern that they're following. First, they released Thomas, Percy and James, as is normal for every merchandise line. Then, since James was still in development at the time, I think they chose Toby before Emily to have a simpler project for their 4th engine announcement, which helped them catch up after the pandemic. I think they chose Emily next because she is fairly popular in both HO and Large Scale, and she was the first female engine for the range. Afterwards, they went heavy with their announcement of Gordon, showing their commitment to this range, and to diversify it from their large scale offerings. Since they've still been working on these two, they announced Diesel and Paxton as new engine projects that are simple, and diversifies the range by bringing in diesels. Of course, Gordon and Emily still aren't out yet, but I think they could still announce Henry this month because he'll also be a relatively simple project for Bachmann; they only need to make a new bodyshell and tender for the Gordon chassis. As far as rolling stock goes, I'm genuinely suprised we've gone 5 years without any recolor announcements for freight stock, so I think Bachmann will change that with Henry's release; since he does pull freight. I think that doing the Red and Green Open Wagons makes sense, as they seem to be the most popular two 7-plank recolors. I also think that the Grey 12 Ton Van would make a great recolor as well, being a non-gimmicky version of the vans that got released this year. I think Bachmann doing recolors here would give them a chance to work on Henrietta and the Express Coaches without much distraction.

For the 2024 Summer Announcements, I could potentially see them announcing Edward, assuming Gordon's out and they can make good progress on Diesel and Paxton. Since they announced Duncan without showing a Sir Handel prototype, I'm not worried about if we haven't had much news on Henry  by this time. However, I did also put Edward in the 2025 list if they do choose to focus on just Henry and the Diesels instead. I could also see them doing a new Tank Wagon tooling, since they never touched the ex-Graham Farish tooling again after the first tanker announcement. A new tooling would also match the rest of the range better. Since the Milk and Tar Tanks are also very popular in the other scales, I believe they would be the first variants with the new tooling.

For the 2025 Winter Announcements, if they have chosen not to announce Edward before, now would be the perfect time. It would be the 80th Anniversary of the Railway Series, and since Edward was the first to get a story, it would be a nice way to celebrate that. I also think that Bachmann would announce LBSC Thomas as the first recolored character, since he would pair nicely with Edward, and he's a good anniversary project. I think they would choose more recolors of existing stock to produce as easy projects, since they'd likely still be working on the new tankers. I could see them bringing the Christmas 12 Ton Van (as the first piece of Christmas stock ) and Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Van into the range (especially since the latter is already proving popular). I could also see them potentially announcing more variants of the new Tanker tooling, to whet our appetites even more. I think they would go with the Cream and Raspberry Syrup Tankers, as they've been made in the other scales.

Finally, for the 2025 Summer Announcements, I think they'd probably go smaller again, and I could see them producing Origins James, since he would also be a nice Anniversary gesture. I could also see them producing either the Red Branchline Coaches or Red Express Coaches, depending on if they're ready to take on a new coach tooling project on or not.

Large Scale
2024 Winter:
- Edward

Even if nothing else is announced, I think the Large Scalers deserve to get a new engine tooling after not having much produced the last few years. Edward would likely have no problems getting around Bachmann's tight track radii, and he's also a popular character.

2024 Summer:
- Grey 12 Ton Van
- 12 Ton Circus Vans (Red & Blue)

I would be surprised if these van variants don't get announced at some point.

- LBSC Thomas
- Origins James

These would both make nice anniversary announcements, similar to N Scale.

Overall, that's my thoughts on what Bachmann might do for these upcoming announcements and beyond. Sorry I didn't go in depth on HO and Narrow Gauge, but I'm honestly not sure where Bachmann might go next with them (since there simultaneously seems to be a lot of options and few options, based on factors you guys have talked about before). I know this was a long post with a lot to read, but I'd be happy to hear your thoughts!
Bachmann trains are awesome. I hope they come out with Stepney one day.


Wow! I can't believe that it's time for the announcements again already. I love that we get two a year now.

I agree with everything you guys said. Christians predictions seem to me to be the most realistic.


I can definitely see them bringing back Arry and Bert, hopefully with new faces too.

If they went crazy and did give us a new tooling for HO, my money would be on Whiff or even Harvey, I know he's an odd choice but I just have a feeling. But I can't wait for Stanley and even Rebecca.

For HO Stock we definitely need the tar tanker and ice cream van back. As for troublesome truck seven I would love something not as colorful, and a bit more reminiscent of the older series.

Also, I would love the China clay Trucks from season 2. I know they're an NG design. But still...

The Works unit coach would be an amazing introduction, but I would also love to see the breakdown crane. Either in its classic fashion, or even as Jerome and Judy. But I would prefer it to be classic. 

Can you imagine seeing the classic breakdown crane in a blister pack? It would sell like crazy.

Long shot I know, but I would love to see the old coaches from season one.

N Scale

For N I think Henry is the obvious introduction. Along with the red coaches, a brake van, and probably Henry's log car.

The next engine I'd like to see in N scale is Edward. Or Duck if they go with a tank engine.

Large Scale

Ah the mystery of Large scale. G is expensive to produce and expensive to buy, so the range is always the most random.

Edward would be the most logical introduction, but I think to get a little money going it would be smarter for them to release the two sets of twins. Bill and Ben and Arry & Bert. Bill and Ben with Cell amazingly, and even though the two diesels are recolors, I think they would too. Bachmann could save a little money, only do one tool and make four new engines.

Other than that, it's possible we get origins James or 70th anniversary Thomas as mentioned.

For large scale rollingstock, I'd love to see some express coaches that that probably won't happen. Or a flat car. Something a little bigger than what we're used to.

Narrow Gauge

For the gauge that everybody thought would never happen, we are already pretty much at the end of the line when it comes to normal numbered engines. I would love to see Duke, but I don't think he's coming anytime soon. Maybe for a special occasion like the anniversary.

I don't think anymore engines will be announced this year unless they surprise us with someone like Smudger.

I also agree with Christian, some TV accurate slate vans would be very nice.

Guess we'll have to wait and see!!

All I want is, Stepney, Boco, Harvey.


Though the 2024 catalog may not be publicized for another month, but we should soon finally see N Scale Emily fully painted next month. Maybe we could also see HO Scale Rebecca fully painted within a few months. Don't know when they'll finally have the first unpainted sample of Sir Handel, but should hopefully be in a few months. Maybe the next stream will show N Scale Gordon in the package, showing he's soon to arrive in stock, and to be simultaneously released alongside HO Scale Beau.
My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Fernando, Mainland Diesels, Norman, Porter, Samson, Timothy, Whiff, Hiro, Winston, and Green Salty.
My wishlist for N Scale: Henry, Edward, Spencer, Flying Scotsman, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Sidney, 'Arry and Bert.


I'm very anxious to see what is announced next month. There are a ton of things I hope to see announced, but I know it won't all come at once. So here's my wishlist for this year

HO scale engines:
Flying Scotsman (with smoke deflectors,with longer funnel and dome)

HO scale rolling stock:
Old coaches
Orange branch line coaches
Brown mail van (2 axels)
White mail van (topham circus)
Troublesome truck #7 (slate truck)
Bradford the brake van
Kipper vans
Topham circus open wagon
Tar wagon (reintroduced)
Ice cream van (reintroduced)
Flying Scotsman water tender (if they sold this separately, it would help not make the flying Scotsman so expensive like it would be if it was sold all together)
Circus flatbed
Flatbed elephant wagon

Ho sets:
Breakdown train
Circus train set
Express set

Narrow gauge:
Mighty Mac

Narrow gauge rolling stock:
Gunpowder van
Green open coaches
Brown brake van


Tbh Bachmann is very much backlogged so I would be surprised if we got anything new molds this year.
Maybe 2024 can can just be a big re-release year. Here are some products they can rerelease.
M wagon
Tar tanker
Well wagon
Ice cream van
Cream tanker

Arry and Bert prob won't happen yet as Doug said salty in on hold .

•The m wagon could come back maybe with a rock load I doubt this would happen this year
•The tar tanker and cream tanker could come back at the same time .
•The wellwagon could come back with miniature engine load .
The ice cream van could be a LNER 12 ton van .

Now as for new products for HO
works unit coach or slip coaches
Troublesome truck 7
 Maybe the breakdown train 

Narrow gauge I feel we are gonna say goodbye to the L&B wagon which I don't want to happen but it's inevitable Hopefully they reuse the tooling , and make it into a standard gauge version from season 2 for n scale
However for new products  Red and blue open top carriages  are prob what we can expect 

Trevor could also happen this year as they have started doing road vehicles again.


I'm very excited for the upcoming figure packs. Really hoping for more additions in the near future. Some ideas I've had:

"Sodor's Important People"
-Sir Robert Norramby
-The Duke and Duchess of Boxford
-Reverend Wilbert Awdry
-Reverend Teddy Boston
-Alicia Botti
-Mayor of Sodor

-A variety of different passengers that were seen in the CGI series.

"Sodor's Brass Band"
-Self explanatory.

"Sailor John and Skiff"
-A figure and vehicle combo. Just an added bonus to help sell a Skiff model.

"Captain Joe and Railboat Tours Skiff"
-A simple repaint to help a new tooling for Skiff go further. Would compliment Daisy and Ryan nicely!
(I REALLY want Skiff)

"Construction Workers"
-A variety of construction workers (building the branch line SLOTLT)

Hoping we can get at least some of these, but I'm really hoping for a Sailor John and Skiff!


The catalogue should becoming out in about 2 weeks everyone get ready put your final predictions here


Quote from: Awesometrain77 on January 23, 2024, 03:48:40 PMThe catalogue should becoming out in about 2 weeks everyone get ready put your final predictions here


The catalog/announcements will be posted this weekend. :)
Modeler of HO/OO, OO9 and N scale.  Hoping for N scale Henry, Edward and Duck.


The 2024 catalog will be publicized this Friday, so it looks like our 2024 catalog announcements will be up sooner than we all realized.

Could we finally get HO Scale Sidney, or N Scale Henry? Those are my biggest hopes, along with N Scale rolling stock like non-troublesome variants of the open wagon tooling, including Red, Blue, and Coal Wagon w/ Load, or a generic brake van. For the 80th Anniversary next year, the N Scale range should get LBSC Thomas and Origin James.
My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Fernando, Mainland Diesels, Norman, Porter, Samson, Timothy, Whiff, Hiro, Winston, and Green Salty.
My wishlist for N Scale: Henry, Edward, Spencer, Flying Scotsman, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Sidney, 'Arry and Bert.