Removing Factory Cab Numbers on model trains

Started by Desert Rose, February 01, 2023, 08:08:04 PM

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Desert Rose

Removing Factory Cab Numbers on model trains:
Step 1). Cut a piece of paper towel the size of numbers to be removed, two layers. Place over numbers.
Step 2). Apply using a Q-tip, Micro Sol MI-2 (Red lettering on bottle) liberally.

Step 3). Let soak for ten minutes, keep moist using a Q-tip.
Step 4). Remove the paper towel, using a Q-tip dipped in Micro Sol MI-2 gently rub off numbers and clean off debris using the dry end.

Step 5). Repeat step 1 thru 4 until all numbers are completely removed.
Step 6). Apply desired decals and set with Micro Sol MI-2 using directions on the bottle.
Step 7). Dilute one part Micro Flat MI-3 to three parts water, Using a soft paint brush apply over Decal.