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What is this missing part?

Started by MotoJoJo, January 23, 2023, 12:34:09 PM

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Can anyone tell me what this missing part is? There are three holes. I'm sure something goes here.
Beyond that, where can I get the part?
I also need the bottom half of the smoke stack, where can I get that?

Will the 4-4-0 tender steps ( fit on a 4-6-0 cow catcher?

I have three Bachmann trains, 2 wonderland flyers, and 1 northern lights that all need new sound boards. The "chug" sound works but the horns never blow. Sounds like they try and then it's just a bit of static. I'm not sure which boards to buy as I'm new to trains. Got a good deal on all three of these. They are my first hobby level trains so learning as I go. Any advice or tips would be great. Thanks.


Image of my train

My Image is to large so I've added a link to where it is located.

Loco Bill Canelos


Terry nailed it and it may be available in the Bachmann estore.  The steps will not fit. All Bachmann sound boards have the "chug" sounds ONLY.  There are no horn or bell sounds so they are operating normally.

Hope this helps.

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QuoteAny advice or tips would be great.
I wonder if we told you about George Schreyers Tips pages. He stopped posting a while ago, but he exhaustively covers the earlier products.