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Mogul tender wires.

Started by Terry Toenges, January 30, 2023, 09:18:38 PM

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Fred Klein

I saw the bubbled chip on the PCB and that is what concerns me. Without a schematic for the PCB, its almost impossible to tell what the function of that chip is/was. Wiring in a plain decoder is not that difficult. I've done it on several of my old N-scale locomotives and didn't run into any problems. I just took my time and followed the directions that came with the decoder. BTW, these were very basic decoders - usually 4 functions, once or twice I got a deal on a 6-function decoder and had no problems with them either and all of them were Digitrax. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about installing a sound decoder. I'm one of those people that after about 2 minutes or so, the sounds on a layout really start to annoy me so I don't use sound on any of my locomotives. Hope this helps.
Fred Klein
Okeechobee, FL