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Tweetsie Railroad Large Scale set

Started by barlowdan, February 01, 2023, 05:57:41 PM

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I have read one of the forum replies on pricing, so I know this is probably not easy to do. But I want to ask some of you guys, who may be good with pricing.
I have an old Large Scale Tweetsie Railroad set with Locomotive, tender, and 3 others cars, with steel wheels. It steams, has headlight, and variable locomotive sounds. These have been out of production for many yrs. (from what I gather), but you can still get parts. In original box with paperwork. Never been opened or used. I have only had it for about 2 1/2 years. Does anyone have an idea of the value of this set? I love the train, but I may part with it, as I plan on moving cross country this spring or summer.


Use the rule, "its worth what someone is willing to pay for it"
First, look for the set number (something like 90018) on the box.
Go to eBay, use Advanced Search and search for "Bachmann 90018" and "check" the box that says "Completed Listings"
This will give you all the listings both "sold" and completed without selling.
Calculate your price/expectations accordingly.

For grins did this for 90018 set and got anywhere from $80 to $180 depending on condition and also look carefully at shipping cost as some sellers build additional profit into an excessive shipping cost.


Thanks for the reply! I was actually planning on using eBay, but I didn't know all those details. I'm planning on using the auction method, but don't know right now what a good starting price would be. This will help. If it doesn't look like I'll get a price range I am looking for, I will just keep it. My item number is 90033.


From Google, the MSRP was $525
Online train stores were selling from $370 to $450.
Recent eBay sale was $450 + $65 shipping (BUT this was a blue box 90033, not red.  Newer?)
Other eBay sales were Best Offer Accepted (they had started around $500), so it's hard to say
  what they sold for.
Instead of bidding you might consider setting a Buy Now price with offers enabled.
Also, others who have looked at eBay sales have noticed that the were certain periods (like say months leading up to Christmas) where sales were more brisk and lucrative.
Good Luck and remember: no soliciting is allowed on the Bachmann websites.


Thanks again my man. Good advice! I wanted to sell it before Christmas, but was too busy to figure out eBay, etc.


If you are still interested in selling this item, please reply to the private message I sent you.
Thank you.