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Climax rear truck slip joint drive

Started by Stokerman, March 13, 2023, 09:07:15 PM

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Hey Bill ... or anyone else.

Does anyone know if there are specific product code I.D.s for the different versions of the Large scale Climax that identifies the models that have the drive shaft geared at both ends such that they sometimes bind? Both of the engines I have are #85098 painted unlettered and DCC ready. I have heard that the early issued engines have bevel gears at both ends of the drive shaft, and have been known to bind up because of this, but later production only has the drive shaft driven off of the front truck, while the rear truck is blind on the drive shaft so no interference bind is realized.
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Greg Elmassian

I don't think so, I think the change was introduced mid-production.

I'll ask the expert to be sure.

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Thanks Greg, will be grateful for any info that might help along these lines.

In the end, I'll likely need to dig them both out of storage and test them to see what configuration they were actually built to. If the earlier version with dual bevel gears, then I'll need to get a replacement assembly for the rear truck drive line with slip joint instead of bevel gear.
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Loco Bill Canelos

Hey Stokerman,

Wish I could be of more help on this but the older 81xxx definitely had the issue. Bachmann even gave out a free replacement part.  They were the ones sold in 2000 and up.  The newer ones sold starting in 2011  85xxx and 86xxx series I believe did have the slip joints.  However I am only 98% sure.  My memory has faded somewhat.

Mine is the older 81xxx series and I had to modify it using the part below:

Unless someone can confirm yours had the new ones I would certainly dig them out and check them out. An easy way to check them out is to put it on your workbench upside down. Power it up, then apply enough pressure to one truck to slow it down considerably.  If the other truck slows down as well you will need the new part. 

Then there is the catch 22 in Bachmann it goes like this: "If you are not sure you need the part and don't pick one up whilst they are in stock, you can be sure they will be out of stock when you are definitely sure you need one"

Some old guy known as Old Loco Bill is noted for saying this.

Can anyone 100 % confirm that the new series 85xxx and 86xxx has the slip joint for Stokerman???

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Greg Elmassian

They do, consulted TOC. He also has some of the replacement slip joints as I previously offered, but you can modify yours as also shown.

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Thanks Greg and Bill for this seminal information. Just exactly why I for one am soooooo glad this Forum is back up and running!

.... and Bill, I'd have to say that Ol' Loco Bill's wise saying is spot on in my personal experience!!!

I'll still dig them out of storage to be certain sure of the driveline properties by giving them each a quick test. I'll get back with you all with what I find .... eventually.
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