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Price Increase

Started by actngalt, March 16, 2023, 04:11:11 PM

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When did the price increase to $1499.00 retail occur for the new G Scale Dash 9 locomotives?  If it is due to happen when will that be? 


I believe $1499.00 is Bachmann's MSRP. Typically, hobby shops are selling for a lot less.  There are at least two reputable sellers on eBay, "ana.kramer" and "starhobbyannapolis". Definitely shop around.

Yard Master

The price increase took effect January 1st. For dealers and distributors who pre-ordered before 2023, Bachmann is honoring the original pricing. And as wraujr mentions, always make sure to check with your hobby shop or online for the best pricing.


Upland Trains in CA has them for $750.