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Started by doug c, March 22, 2023, 03:19:27 AM

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doug c

. . . " Canada's LARGEST Model Train Show " ;

SUPERTRAIN 2023 ======>

April 15th 0900 MDT,  when the doors open to allow the line-up to enter to participate in the first day of what I also label as 'our' 'International All Scales Train Show",  it will have been approx. 1460 days since 'our' previous SUPERTRAIN  !

~ Organizers/Hosts >  C M R S  membership volunteers >

~ 2023 Exhibitors, listings & floor plan > 
(best to tap on 'here.' which take ya to *.pdf-based listing, as 'Floor plan' only shows acronym of exhibitor)

~  General Info >
( which also includes access to the fantastic 'collage' SUPERTRAIN poster,  said to be created by the wife of 'our' committee chair', ....and gives ya an opportunity to assist in advert' this comeback show yr. by printing off _?,  and finding regional community interest bulletin board(s) to post it on.     So far {as a free-lance ST' show promoter LoL} I've personally printed off,  and posted 6 within north central Calgary, with likely at least another 3 to print/post, me thinks. 8-)            This yr we're hoping also the exhibitors (& anyone else) will want to assist with this promo' activity,  since the past 3 yrs. with no shows 'our' society bank acc't got beaten up so only accessed from a printer contractor,  a couple hundred handouts vs 1000s and maybe a couple dozen posters for committee member CIBB postings !     Thanks for your help, or at least consideration.  8-)

!  ~ The regional G-gauge railway club 'RMGR' of course is back, their layout will be about a third smaller than normal but they will be there !
(typically larger layouts will be smaller since due to 'our' bank acc't casualty, it was decided to reduce the show footprint by a third, which saved CMRS 50% in typical 'footprint' rental cost for this 'comeback' year !!
~ The private individual 'Big Boy' display is back again. 
~ Piko Corp. rep'  is unable to make it up here this yr. within the booth of their vendor of choice w/confirmation to my email query by Piko sales rep';
" We won't be at Supertrain this year, but I know Johnny and crew will put on a good showing " > HobbyTech Canada - a local vendor of Piko & LGB  !
~ Last week, I reached out to AccuCraft sales via email since they have attended ST' in the past,  to ask if they were embedded with a vendor,  but they still have no one responding to emails yet   tsk tsk  ;-)

~ Eight 'Food Trucks' to access refreshments and food stuffs,  again this yr.  8-)

~ Also no bus shuttle service this year.    So still on-site free parking, but the access line will be busier than
previous yrs. !!
Even I may not find a spot offsite, further away 'cross the street where  members/volunteers/exhibitors are instructed to park,  to allow the general admission public closer prkg.
So I may also opt' ====> to take a train to a train show  8-) ....
CalgaryTransit LightRailTransit (adult $3.60cdn one way) to the last station "SaddleTowne" on the CT 'BlueLine', which is less than a direct 15min. stroll to the Genesis Centre 'SUPERTRAIN' venue.
I would park in one of the designated 'free' slots at their  McKnight-Westwinds LRT station parking lot (first station to the south of 'SaddleTowne' to catch a train to the show' venue station. 
Trip Planner > tested using 'McknightWestWindsLRT'  To  'GenesisCentre falconridge' > Date (apr 15) + possible depart time (ex. 830am)> LRT icon > Plan your trip icon  =   0845am Train 202    with the stroll from SaddleTowne Station  be at the show entrance moments after 0900 am !
I also tried the bus option but with the stops & least one transfer to another bus(route) and at least 10min. longer even, if they are all on sched' and ya wish to view the neighbourhood by road  vs train !?
I'll be personally going with the train option from the McKnight-Westwinds option,  if need be !!    8-) 

This show is going to be slightly different,    but still a whole lot of 'Fun for All Ages '  !!

that Doug
PSRB rwy    (formerly rbr)

& member of CMRS .  8-)

"G-Gauge may not RULE, But it GROWS on Ya !! "   djc'99
"G-Gauge may not RULE, But it GROWS on Ya !! "     djc'99