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Parts acquisition

Started by Taman14411, March 31, 2023, 08:37:10 AM

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New member first time poster..I purchased an older Bachmann steam engine that ran perfect on test track. After a few minutes at home the engine locked up. I took the chassis off and found a broken plastic sleeve that the wheels on one of the non driven axles had split. It is a cylindrical shaped with square hole throughout. My question is does anyone know of an online place that sells parts to replace worn out or broken parts? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


I have repaired many of these problems. I clean the parts well then use super glue to hold them all together. The critical thing is making sure that the 2 wheels are 'quartered' or at 90° to each other.

Obviously be sure not to get glue all over the wheels. Best to apply the glue to the hole in the wheel then insert the axle. If you need clarification just ask.
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Hi Taman,

You can access our parts webstore here. Keep in mind that depending on how old your model is, parts may or may not still be available.