Setting loco ID using EX command DCC

Started by NerdlyNate, March 31, 2023, 04:17:41 PM

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I'm trying to set my new Bachman loco to use a different ID than 3.
I've followed the directions, several times, but it won't change from ID 3 for me.



Found the answer in a post here from 2009! Hard to believe the newly bought manual is still incorrect.,8893.msg73301.html#msg73301

Here's the correct sequence (thanks to Yampa Bob):

Press and Hold the default address button.(#3 for a new locomotive or newly installed decoder)
Press and Release the stop button.
Release the default address button.
Press and release the desired address button. (for example #1)(loco will move slightly)
Press and release the stop button. (to exit program mode)


Or.  You could get a much more advanced DCC operating system, that not only will accept locomotive numbers above 10, but have a much less squirrelly method of address change.

Plus a thousand other reasons.  EZ command is great for its intended use, train set play level, but doesn't serve you very well beyond that.