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Wiring Diagram Suggestion for Bachmann

Started by Len, April 08, 2023, 08:55:22 AM

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I've lost count of the number of posts regarding the wiring between Bachmann locos and tenders when a wire pulls loose from a connector, or someone is trying to install a decoder in a 'not-DCC Ready' steamer and discovering the connector wires aren't color coded.

There aren't that many variations to the wiring harnesses used between the loco and tender. So how hard would it be for someone to find the original wiring schematics and make simplified diagrams, with the wires labeled by function, to post with the exploded diagrams in the "Reference" area?

This would be a great help to many, and hopefully cut down on the multiple posts a week asking for this wiring information.

If at first you don't succeed, throw it in the spare parts box.

Terry Toenges

I second that emotion. :) 
I would think that as long as the DCC On30 Mogul has been around, someone would have figured out the wiring code. Surely, in all these years, someone else would have had problems with the wires coming loose.
It's too late for me now since I toasted my PCB board on the tender because I thought I had the wiring figured out. My only hope is finding another one.
I know another decoder could be put in the tender and hard wired but a person would have to  take the loco part just to figure out which pin on the loco connector goes to what.
I spent about $100 on the sound module that plugs into the PCB board so I don't know how hard wiring would  work with that or how to even do it.
I did but another Mogul so I could swap the tender chassis and run my customized Mogul. I have a second Mogul now that I can't run.
Feel like a Mogul.