EZ App loco on DCC EZ Command using button 10 for DC???

Started by Geeper, May 07, 2023, 09:30:27 PM

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Q1: Can I control EZ App loco using EZ Command DCC #10, "as if" the EZ App loco was running on straight DC...?
Q2: Will EZ App loco be damaged?
Q3: Will EZ App loco respond to the EZ Command DC (#10) control? 

Grapevine Flyer

No. EZ App isn't intended for this. EZ App trains can be put in DC mode by toggling the direction button back and forth on a standard transformer. Once in DC mode, the circuit board falls asleep if you bring the throttle to "0", so you never bring the throttle all the way down. The loco stops at about 15% power.


So, if I understood your reply...
When AZ-App loco is set at and running in "DC" mode... it will not function safely as a "DC" loco on EZ-Command (#10) analog "DC" setting?
Is that understanding correct?  ???