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NEM knuckles for N Scale

Started by N Scale Sudrian, May 18, 2023, 08:43:04 PM

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N Scale Sudrian

I have a lot of UK outline N Gauge stock and want to convert the lot to knuckle couplers for a switching layout, and figured these could also pull double duty for a hybrid UK/US running session to entertain folks. One problem; the NEM knuckle couplers that are on the market (specifically from Dapol, who as far as I can tell are the only ones making anything like these) are much larger than the typical Kadee-style coupler and won't marry with them at all.

Anybody know any alternatives? Is there hope for Bachmann to provide their own like they have in HO/OO with their NEM E-Z Mates?
N Scale modeler. Primarily interested in UK and US outline stock, as well as the "Thomas" line.
Hoping for Henry, Edward, and Mavis...