Bachmann Baldwin 4-6-0 dcc ready NYC locomotive

Started by smokey43, May 30, 2023, 10:50:01 PM

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Hello,I have one of the above on the way.  Two questions; does it have a speaker for sound?  Does Bachmann have a decoder for it?  Thank you.

the Bach-man

Dear Smokey,
I believe you will need a speaker if you install a sound decoder.
Have fun!
the Bach-man


Thanks.  Yes, pretty bare bones.  Trying to figure out how to get to the socket area in the tender.  Is there and easy way to open up the tender?  I have the diagram but not much help.


I see my two posts have been moved.  Moved to where?  Pretty disappointed in Bachmann customer service, like pulling teeth.  We are not all model railroad experts and pardon me for asking simple questions after spending a couple hundred dollars on a Bachmann product. The information that comes with the locomotive is ridiculous, No specs, voltages etc. and when you have a question as Smokey did noone answers. Why the big secrets on decoders?  No info on how to disassemble to install electronics. Took me several hours of research on the right way to take the cover off the tender.  The diagrams that came with the engine are worthless unless you need a part. Bad enough you outsource to China, at least you can improve on your products paperwork!

Terry Toenges

It looks like they were moved to the HO section since you are asking about an HO locomotive.
Feel like a Mogul.


Hello; don't know if you were ever answered, but to remove the tender shell to access decoder area:
  2 screws at front of tender underframe that hold shell on - remove;
  pull shell forward a bit to disengage the 2 tabs on the rear of the tender while lifting the front up slightly;
  strait up pull should remove.

Just be careful - tabs can break if not careful.

Hope this helps,


Bachmann is an importer and vendor, not a custom service center.  They will not do an install. Their service center, while very good for what they do, is really for minor repairs at most, and occasional warranty replacements.

You would appear to be best served by having a professional DCC/sound installation done by a professional tech.  There are dozens of them on the Internet. Google is your friend.  I've never tried to do an install myself and I am a Model Railroader with 60 years experience.  It won't be cheap, but it will be right. 

I have a friend who has done all of my DCC/sound for years, maybe 25 engines now.  You can count on around $150-200 for the parts and around $100 for the labor, maybe more, I'm not certain because my friend gives me a much better rate, although I do pay him.  I did say that this was expensive to have it done by a pro. But it will come back done right.

You can certainly try to do it yourself. There are many videos on the Soundtraxx website about installation of sound, operation, and scores of other related subjects. The staff guy who did those videos is a personal acquaintance who has done a very extremely good job with those videos explaining everything. And the best thing is, you can call him on the phone if you don't understand something or have questions. He's a very good guy and very accessible.  There's lots of help out there, you just haven't been looking in the right places.

I'm sorry about the frustrations you have experienced. Model Railroading is not a plug and play hobby, but rather a sequential multi faceted learning experience that goes on for a lifetime. Sometimes it isn't for everyone, I know a guy who didn't have the dexterity and temperament for it, and finally gave it up.

I started Model Railroading in 1961 and I still have to figure out things at times. But I did enjoy building my layout and I still enjoy operations on it.


Incidentally, I have five of those ten-wheelers in different road names and a couple undecorated.  I've had them all a very long time and they're flawless in operation.  I think only one remains with factory installed DCC/sound and the rest have Soundtraxx Tsunami2 decoders.  When you finally get your engine the way you want it you will love it.