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G gauge track power

Started by A. Kitchen, June 13, 2023, 11:07:09 AM

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A. Kitchen

just getting started, i have an 80 foot loop of track. i will be running the Bachmann Big Hauler. will the power pack that comes with the set be sufficient to supply power all around if i install a jumper connection every 20 feet? What gauge wire would you recommend?


Let's start off by gathering a bit more information. First, are we talking about a 40 foot oval (40 feet out and 40feet back, total 80 feet), or an 80 foot oval. Big difference between 80 total feet and 160 total feet.

Next question is what tyep of track are you using?  Brass, aluminum, stainless steel....all have different conductivities.  What type of connectinos are you using?  Standard slip joiners provided with the track or something more substantial like Split Jaws?

Is this layout indoors, or outdoors? I will make the assumption that it is outdoors, cuz most folks don't ahve the space for a 40 foot oval indoors.  Outdoors requires much better joiners than indoors. Corrosion and debris can hamper joints and therefore conductivity.

In my opinion, two should be sufficient with good track joints. Wire size, I would run 12AWG for the trunk lines and 16AWG for the feeders. Personally I solder all my wire splices with heat shrink for insulation.

Happy Rails