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Bachman 2-6-0 Sound Value Alco shell removal

Started by Desert Rose, July 05, 2023, 05:47:27 PM

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Desert Rose

How do you remove the Locomotive shell?  Is it just compression fitted or is there a screw(s) to the chassis.  The exploded parts diagram doesn't show any screws to the chassis that I can see.  Thank you.

Yard Master

Hi Brian,

There are only two small screws you will need to remove- they are under the cab on either side of the tender drawbar. On the front end, you will then need to gently pull the steam pipes out of the smokebox to detach the pilot. Finally, you will need to use a miniature nut driver to disconnect the main drive rods from the valve gear. You should then be able to remove the shell.

Before you do any of that, just to check- if you are doing a decoder swap or repair, you should be removing the tender shell, not the locomotive shell.

Good luck!


Those aren't steam pipes or grab irons at the smokebox.  They are pilot support rods , found on nearly all prototype engines.

Man.  Electrical engineering. I'd rather pay someone to do that so I can switch my yard instead.